Suicide prevention programs (in the U.S) are seen as a good thing; but I think they’re just being abused to prevent workers from escaping the western slave society.

EDIT: I think suicide prevention is a good thing. I’m just saying that the bourgeois seem suspiciously supportive of it, considering how little they care about other health issues.


They don’t actually care.

Or rather, they care in exactly the same way they care about racism, gay rights, and gendered concerns.

It is an ad campaign. They sign exactly one $10,000 check to an “awareness” campaign, then turn around and desperately lobby to keep themselves from having to pay for literally any form of social service that would actually alleviate any of these issues.

I know this because my unit is “desperately searching for any and all psych nurses or nurses who are willing to be psychiatrically trained (for $30/h in a major population center with one of the highest rates of rent gouging in America).”

Oh and I negotiated for that 30, and took it because any psych facility paying more is doing it to get you to overlook the patient and staff safety issues.

What I really want to talk about though is the commodification of human connection. “Internet doctorates” are suggesting people go to talk or behavioral therapy for things that are meant to be handled as a community.

They absolutely have their place, but the way people talk about it they’re recommending either a board certified dermatologist or just straight up a trauma surgeon for every scraped knee when really people need to learn how to come together as a community to just give the scrape a good wash and maybe put some ointment on it.

Also would a little basic emotional hygiene and both willingness and effort into bonding with other humans hurt anybody?


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