We need to breed some Harry Potter “mandrake root” and plant them near all doorbell cameras. Give Amazon hours and hours of screeching. I wonder how long before a camera owner is sued?


I wonder how long before a camera owner is sued?

In the US? Never. Because they have that BS “you don’t need consent to record someone in public” thing. IIRC they so nicely put it as that you have no “reasonable expectation of privacy” when you’re outside. It’s why “prank” videos on random strangers outside are legal, or those obnoxious Instagram vloggers you can’t stand being around, and let’s not forget that Tesla that just passed you recording you and sending it straight to Elon Musk. So if your voice is transmitted to the outside, you know, because you foolishly didn’t decide to live in the vacuum of space, most likely it’s fair game.


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