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Hey Joe, if I do to Lula what Trump tried to do to you, will you be okay with it? Joebama winks and changes the subject.

Finally, a good guy with a gun stopped bad guys with guns. Is this what the NRA has been talking about all this time?

Sadly, the statement about Joe Rogan is probably true for 90% of the US reporters.

Meanwhile, women in the US are losing rights with congress all-in on allowing it to happen.

That “sex with sheep” t-shirt just advertises his love of beastiality.

Please don’t suck up bandwidth on Tor with torrents.

Surprised they don’t direct you to police stations so you can turn yourself in…that’s probably coming.

Nitpick away. No excuse for a misspelling like that. The misspelling of Guaido as Guano was purposeful though.

Except in the state of Tennessee where this type of housing is illegal.

Cuban baseball shows that sports don’t have to be exploitive nor have billionaire owners to be popular.

'murikkkans don’t know the difference so just attack any Asian as Chinese.

We will be releasing a new track, “Putin’s Price Hike” soon.

Looks like the people in the house are trying to stop Juan Guano from attacking the people outside.

US needs Venezuelan gas and Canada their minerals while it looks like their plans of using Columbia as their attack dog is falling apart. Time for Plan ‘B’, defending democracy by having the CIA assassinate Guano after several “failed” attempts on his person and excusing US military involvement.

I always felt that the ultimate aim of Ukraine was to balkanize Russia so that the US could get a foothold in western Russia with the ultimate aim of having a military presence on China’s northern border. Another imperialist Pentagon fantasy laid to rest.

Like Ukraine, Taiwan would just be used as an excuse for the US to levy sanctions, seize Chinese assets; and wipe trillions in debt off the books. Also like Ukraine, the US doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Taiwanese people and would gladly sacrifice them on the alter of imperialism.

I believe the top picture is actually of AMTRAC taken a few weeks ago.

Fedora Sellout
I never bother with themes and such so I typically use whatever Fedora serves up. I am having trouble seeing the current FW36 iteration of GTK themes so thought I'd look for an altenative. I wandered into Settings/Appearance and was shocked to see the Ukraine colors in the default backgrounds. My first notice of IBM starting to flex their control.

Bangkok Election
Now, will the military let the election stand?

Anyone on the ground have the straight sklnny on the Freedom Movement Party and Robert Golob? I've seen descriptions from centrist to liberal to flaming socialist.

The US government has officially admitted that it will lie as policy. The Ministry of Truth has arrived.

Registration for the WSWS annual May Day Online Rally. It is worth listening to the speeches from last year's program as they are still relevant.