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All sounds very easy for affluent, able bodied, neurotypical people.

I’m sorry, I don’t have much in the way of advice. But you should look into “stealth camping”. From what I’ve seen on youtube and reddit, with the right resources you can set up just about anywhere. Like someone else said, in most public areas you can find a nook, or you can use a car if necessary.

Also, make sure you know what temperatures your meds should be stored at.

Best of luck to you friend, and may the gods’ blessings be overhead.

toasklemmyAdvice on distro

(: I’m really excited. They’re good kids and they need a device so we can finally play minecraft with them properly!

Thank you!

Highest performance, easiest set up, most versatile with proprietary hardware I suppose are my personal criteria for this question.

I am clinging on dearly for survival. I can only say it is like I have been on a log raft in an endless, stormy ocean for years. My methods of coping are not ideal. But somehow I have survived this long. I really don’t know how

What are the best Linux distros available currently for gaming?
Perhaps including what kinds of hardware work best with them. I'm interested in people's opinions on this.

Thank you (:

Awesome. I’ve been playing minecraft since almost the beginning and that computer handled it well. I used to use Ubuntu a long time ago. I wasn’t sure what was the best nowadays but I knew there were some new ones. I’ve heard of pop a lot these days so I think I’ll try it! Thanks!

Advice on distro
Hello, I am preparing a gift for my partner's two brothers. They are in their single digits, still don't know how to read, and are mainly going to be using this computer for minecraft. I have an old computer I got back in 2014 that has a pretty decent graphics card. Nvidia GeForce 650 or 750 or something like that. I want to put a Linux distro on it that will be easy to set up, and easy for them to use to play minecraft and possibly some steam games. I use Manjaro and have been using Linux for a while but I'm not super adept, beyond general comfort with the command line. So, what's my best bet to get it set up easy and quick for these two that they can play minecraft with some mods possibly and other older, less graphically intensive games I have available? Thanks. Hope you are all well!


I just love them so much. They are little guardians and always around whether you see them or not. Tend to try and stay away from you because they’re afraid of you, and we of them, of course… I just love how they look, behave, and the important work they do for preventing pestilence from overwhelming us.

It’s hard to pick a favorite species. Huntsman are very incredible, and tarantulas. The bigger the better. Although jumping spiders of all kinds are simply adorable and I love wolf spiders because they’ve always been around in my life.

What pagan paths do you follow?
I'm curious as to what your paths are. I'm a Heathen personally. I've always seen Thor as a god of the working people, he wields strength that represents the power we all hold together. Freyja has guided me towards feminine liberation as well, and there's much more to it than I'll write out. I also syncretize a bit. I've always felt connected to Lilith and I'm thinking I'll worship her the way I've worshipped my Heathen deities. Before all of this I was raised Christian, as soon as I left the faith I went to asatru for a bit, I believed but didn't really practice in any meaningful way. Then I faded into atheism for a few years and came back to this path a few months ago. Where's everyone else falling? What's your journey? Hope you are all doing well, and thanks.

Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m enjoying perusing what you’ve got so far. Thanks!

I skimmed through it, and I found that it was just filled with easily refutable “evidence” and a lot of it actually casts China in a bad light. See? We can both play this game.

You said my links were easy to refute, but you never did it. The burden of proof here is on you because you are the one denying this well documented genocide. You expect me to just accept this link of a single person collecting all of their “research”? I gave you a wide variety of sources and you never showed me anything convincing in opposition to them. Just a link filled with lots of apologetics that inadvertently supports the very position they oppose.

Try these on for size.


https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Uighur_genocide the quote at the top of the page should be enough for any individual with a shred of empathy, but everything’s cited.

If you actually take the time to look through these sources instead of letting your knee-jerk tell you it’s all just US funded anti China propoganda, you might realize what horrific things you’re defending.

Yes, I oppose genocide everywhere. I’m not inclined to disagree that there is misinformation, and clearly I’m susceptible to that as well. But there are also sources coming directly from the mouths of people trying to survive this mess. I’m inclined to listen to those people. Beyond that, I don’t see any reason to defend a powerful, hypercapitalistic nation like China when there are people coming from ground zero explaining the atrocities they are experiencing. Just like I don’t feel like defending a hypercapitalistic nation like the US when they massacre people in the Middle East or fund the massacre as in Palestine. Seriously, what do you even gain from falling on the sword for China?


Whether or not you trust the guardian, there’s literal satellite imagery showing the erasure of a mosque.



Took me five seconds to grab those sources from Wikipedia. Actually, there’s a whole Wikipedia article on the genocide with, you guessed it, hundreds of citations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uyghur_genocide?wprov=sfla1

But let me guess, that’s all western propaganda to smear the Chinese government which is “totally communist don’t worry you guys”? It’s all fake news? It’s all fabricated, right?

I haven’t seen evidence of those exact things happening, but you do realize there are other ways to enact genocide, correct? There is plenty of evidence out there for mosque burnings and separations of families. Maybe we can only see the outside of the detention facilities, but we don’t have a single clue what’s happening inside. Do we? You really trust that everything is rosey in there? How naive are you?

Maybe denying genocide is bad whether it’s Palestine or China?

That’s just Nick Robinson’s bit. He goes on these wild investigations into things that absolutely do not warrant that level of dedication and care. I love him for it personally.

Well, as far as I know, it wasn’t created by those who escaped necessarily. It was a European project created because European nations couldn’t stand the influx of Jews from the holocaust in their nations, because most of them were just as antisemitic as the nazis themselves. So they made a settler state to kick our people out of Europe under the guise of “giving you a homeland after the holocaust”.

Thank the gods my ancestors escaped before the holocaust and came to America and I don’t have to be embroiled in this conflict.

It was, first, a sick thing to put down.

The cure to death was pungent and bitter. To drink it was to drink goat cheese drowned in gasoline. A second or third dose was preferred - by the third, a senseless tongue has said its peace and has not the energy to engage the foul swill. The numbing, some say, was quite sweet. And then one aged no longer.

The woman to have the first taste, weary with age and fear, felt her tired bones begin to mend. Her hair regained its youthful luster. Her eyes their hawkish focus. She threw away the cane, tossed her glasses aside, and shared the wretched thing with the people of earth. And once all the children of the world were children of those who had sipped from the sacred liquid, death was forgotten, and soon, the horrid drink was drank no more.

That is what they say. It is, rather, what she says. What she’d always say.

We wrote it in our holy books, and shared it with our children, now numbering as the stars on this earth, which is not burdened by the needs of a species for whom food and drink is a relic of a forgotten time.

Then the story changed. Now the woman couldn’t say if she’d made the drink herself or bought it at the store. Then the woman asked us to what swill we referred, and we said, it was your holy creation! and her response, that she would not soon forget the taste of something so awful.

Then she stopped telling the story. She’d say the words, but there was no order, and soon the letters separated, and she spoke the sounds, but the story was gone. Then, she was gone.

The thousand year woman, on her thousandth day of birth, could not speak another word. There was violence, thrashing, and foaming at the mouth. She scratched at her neck and tore at her eyes and cracked at her chest and split her heart, but her brain cared not for the loss of her blood. She’d awaken the next day with flesh and bone mended, and began the assault again.

I stood beside her on the thousandth day of her torment, and she rediscovered a word, and it was, “help”, and it was first a whisper, until her screaming shook the halls, and she broke away from her bindings and began the assault again, and I called upon the doctors.

Now I stand before my mother, who is bound with titanium, from her head to her feet, her body nearly still, but the ceaseless vibration of her vocal cords continues, screaming “help” into the endless night.

The doctors say they will find a cure. They say the disease will be gone soon, and mother will be back to normal. That we’ll know this nightmare is over, and life will continue. But they know not what I do, that another millennium old soul has forgotten their own name. That soon these halls will be filled with those tortured like my mother.

There is one thing they say, that is certain. That my mother will be cured. It will not be by their hand, for I have found my mother’s notes and recipes from her younger days of alchemy, when she was only 87 years old, and she discovered a foul drink. I have seen what she has written and I have taken up my mother’s work again.

It is my turn to find a cure. The cure to life.

Yeah. I want to go to Mars but not if it means torching Earth. I don’t know why people think we’ll somehow make Mars liveable when we can’t even keep our already habitable planet going.

I’m definitely down for interplanetary travel after we figure out how to keep things going down here.

I wanna play it so bad! I think my computer can do VR but I haven’t been able to find out because I don’t have a headset… I can’t believe I’m missing out on new half life content…

I hope your finals are going well! You got this!

And soon, soon…

Pokémon cards. I have a massive collection somewhere in storage, probably have some serious money in there. It’s cool seeing Pokémon booster packs at the store still.

Purple all the way! It’s a liminal color. I just think it’s neat.

Although turquoise has been a long favorite of mine. Anything with a green-blue mix is special to me. That’s the color of life to me.

In my local area we have a lot of “co-op” retail stores that aren’t employee owned at all. I haven’t seen a single employee owned store, just “consumer coops” where the consumer can vote on… Something, but the people who actually work there are treated the same as at any other retail outlet.

The desert I’m in doesn’t get that much rain… I like standing in the rain. But when it does come it’s usually big storms with lots of thunder and wild rains. I enjoy that.

I got on an antidepressant and am doing better than ever. It’s still hella hard, don’t get me wrong. But I’m here and I’m enjoying myself.

Eh, better than this whole platform being a centrist cesspool.

But even then all of these beings have human problems and human like personalities, and voices. I think this is the difficulty in writing non human tales, is that the tales that most people empathize with, no matter how alien their premise or characters may be, still end up centering around human like traits and problems.

But these are essentially humans dressed up in fur suits. They have human attributes, human voices, even humanoid shapes.

My nickname in real life is vi, I sometimes add a second vi because I think it’s cute, and vox is Latin for voice, I think. So, vivivox. My voice.

So many things. Dealing with racists and bigots in the “most progressive” “safe space” communities, the fact that the reddit admins were totally fine with right wing terrorists organizing on their platform until it brought them bad press, the fact that if you so much as hint at the existence of transgender people on a major subreddit people will lose their damn minds.

Same here, I turned 21 in the midst of lockdown so I’ve been missing out…

What is your faith?
Who do you worship and through what framework? Are you a pagan or something else? Personally I am a Norse Heathen. At the moment I worship the Norse deities and I worship my ancestors and local wights through a Heathen format. I do have syncretist leanings and for some time have felt a calling towards a couple of Roman and Greek gods. However all my worship is done and will continue to be done through a Heathen format for the foreseeable future. What about you? What does your faith look like? Or do you lack a faith? I am interested to know!

Who sits around your hearth?
Who do you worship and who do you worship with? Alongside my ancestors and local wights, I worship Freyja, Thor, Eir, Saga, Odin, and Hel at the moment. I feel the strongest connection with Freyja. She has guided me through very difficult moments in my life and has been present throughout my spiritual journey. My worship is primarily individual, although my partner joins when they feel up to it. They're a non heathen, but enjoy being involved in my spiritual life. They use it as a time to reflect and incorporate their own ancestor veneration which takes on a much different shape than mine. What does your hearth ritual look like?

Paganism - for the pagans of Lemmy
I have created paganism as a safe place for discussion of pagan beliefs and practices. Please come on over if the path interests you or you are an adherent.

Heathenry, a place for Heathens to discuss their faith and practice.
I have created Heathenry, a safe space for Heathens or anyone interested in the path to discuss their worship, practice, and journey. Heathens are those who worship germanic deities - such as the Norse, Gothic, or Anglo Saxon - and believe in cosmic forces such as Wyrd and Orlaeg and the divine economy, aka the gifting cycle. If you are interested in the path or a follower already, please help me build a community where we can comfortably and safely share our thoughts and experiences.