I’m working on a reconstruction of English folk religion designed in a way that is accessible and native-feeling for modern English speakers. This is a work in progress and will likely change over time, but I’ve finally gotten most of my thoughts down in one place after working on this for a long ti…

What is your faith?

Who do you worship and through what framework? Are you a pagan or something else? Personally I am a Norse Heathen. At the moment I worship the Norse deities and I worship my ancestors and local wights through a Heathen format. I do have syncretist leanings and for some time have felt a calling towar…

A place for pagans of all shapes and sizes to discuss their faith and practice.

No bigotry of any sort will be allowed. That means NO FOLKISM.

Please keep the discussion respectful and pagan centric. You don’t have to be a pagan to participate, but you must respect its adherents and tenets and keep the discussions relevant to paganism. Paganism is an umbrella term for a very diverse range of religious and spiritual beliefs, so please be inclusive and accepting of people’s differing beliefs and opinions.

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