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As someone who is red-green colorblind this is awful. Yes there are symbols I can look at to see what the sign is, but it makes it much harder to tell at a glance what is going on.

I’m less excited about the deck itself than the possible implications that it will have on game compatibility on linux. Particularly anti-cheat which it looks like Valve is working to resolve by launch. If I am able to play my favorite multiplayer games on linux I’m saying goodbye to windows forever.

Hoping they fix the AI and make the city feel more alive.

Awesome, thanks so much! I’ll definitely start out with some of those essays and move on to your book recommendations, much appreciated!

I would love some book recommendations if you wouldn’t mind sharing!

Thank you for the well sourced and informative comment. I think I would probably place myself somewhere in between democratic socialist and socialist, so I definitely have more learning to do. I will do more reading on the sources you recommended and look further into the history. This is a good starting point, thank you!

I guess I would consider what they have accomplished a success. But I guess I am looking more for any socialist countries that have not had heavy interference by means of sanctions or other restrictions from capitalist countries.

Have any countries successfully implemented socialism?

I’ve been trying to find the information about how socialism has been tried, but its hard to find some solid information about the subject that does not have a strong capitalist bias. Apologies if I have failed in my search…

They don’t really give good reasons other than not wanting to download another app and already having other working alternatives (although they are not privacy friendly).

Honestly I think it will be a flop.

Does this risk getting your spotify account banned?