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List of Cloud Gaming Services
I've been trying to find a list of Cloud Gaming services and didn't really find an exhaustive list, so I've created the following. Let me know if I forgot any or if anything is incorrect. There are some virtual desktops systems and some applications you host yourself to stream from your PC, but I'm excluding those from this list, unless the virtual desktop is specifically for gaming. Prices listed are the lowest price and services could get more expensive. BYOG - Bring Your Own Games - this service offers to stream games, but you have to own the game first. **Google Stadia** - No monthly fee and just buy the games you want OR $9.99/month for Pro which includes monthly games and higher resolution, but most games you still have to purchase as well - Browser - stadia.google.com **Microsoft X-Cloud** - $15/month gets full Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console plus XCloud - Browser or App - www.xbox.com/xcloud **Playstation Now** - $9.99/month Not sure all it gets you, but it says hundreds of PS2/3/4 games - App - www.playstation.com/ps-now/ **Amazon Luna** - $4.99/month - Browser or App - Netflix type service. - www.amazon.com/Luna/ **GeForce Now** - $4.99/month - Browser or App - BYOG - play.geforcenow.com **Shadow** - $29.99/month - App - BYOG - shadow.tech **Vortex** - $9.99/month - App - 50 hours/month, Get some games with the service also BYOG - vortex.gg **Parsec** - $9.99/month - App - BYOG - parsec.app **Playkey** - Pay for time used hourly or in chunks - Browser or App? - BYOG - playkey.net **Netboom** - ? - Mobile only atm - ? - www.netboom.com **Blacknut** - $15.99/month - App - Netflix type service - www.blacknut.com **Piepacker** - Free - Browser - Limited users right now, Retro focused. Not much info, but it looks like they'll have games and you can even upload your own legally acquired games - piepacker.com **Antstream** - Free at the moment, but looking to have premium or free via ads - App - Arcade focus streaming service - www.antstream.com **Boosteroid** - €4.16/month - Browser - Some games included with service + BYOG - boosteroid.com **FireCloud** - £59.95/month - ? - BYOG - www.firepower.cloud/gaming **Maximum Settings** - Hourly pricing - ? - BYOG - maximumsettings.com **GameNube** - ? - ? - ? - www.gamenube.com **Newcade** - No cost because it's decentralized cloud gaming and the content is shared amongst folks - www.newcade.com **nware** - 8.99 €/month - App - BYOG? - www.playnware.com **cloud.my.games** - Russian and outside my area **Utomik** - $6.99/month - App - This one is NOT streamed, but is in comparison to XBox game pass for PC, where you pay a monthly fee and get access to install a lot of games - www.utomik.com **Liquidsky** - Appears to be closed **Snoost** - Appears to be closed **Playgiga** - Appears to be closed - Bought by Facebook **JUMP** - ? - ? - Seems to be dead. Website doesn't give hardly any info. CEO and Founder, Anthony Palma, has 2014-2020 on his Linkedin for Jump, so I'm guessing it's dead? - playonjump.com

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IDK who that is, but I agree 100%! Let’s not just stop at public money, public code, but let’s go with all science, engineering, etc, should be public.

That’s uplifting though. Thanks for the post.

I don’t get. Why would you want to do this? I understand to run standard os tools, but why? Just curl the page and use tools.

Also i wonder if there’s any kind of vulnerability that can be exploited somehow.

Maybe i’m not understanding though?

Can anyone explain it to me please?

It does sound interesting though.

Interesting… she’s worried these games are like width, but her solution is to find one of her own… ok?

It’s an interesting point she’s making, and while i agree that games can be tedious and do kind of align with a bs job, she can easily limit her kids playing those kinds of games without fear they won’t be able to eat or have shelter.

No one works a bs job because they want to, but because they need the money.

While games are a source of entertainment. So im not really sure the point she’s trying to make here, besides games bad. Yes, they can be bad, but as a parent it’s you’re responsibility to limit that then. And before any one asks, yes i’m a parent.

I’m someone asking a question. And if putting a comment on a post, that allows comments, is hijacking then you’re really not going to like the rest of the internet.

Folks really just can’t be civil on Lemmy apparently huh?

One would assume that a platform that is attempting to promote folks posting things and allows comments that we can have a discussion without attacking each other. But I guess not, huh?

Why does it matter if someone comments on every post? That’s what the platform allows. So you cam either choose to not respond or don’t post. If you don’t agree and don’t want to respond then just downvote.

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Personally, I just gave up on c/worldnews. Yes, someone is posting in c/worldnews, yes, they’re from western sources, but how exactly is an article on climate change causing increases in bacterial infection “pro-imperialist propaganda”? If it’s science based, backed by a report by the CDC, then that’s science. Not once has the primary person posting attempted to influence the conversation on posting. When folks are responding to the articles, the person posting states something like they agree with the post or they disagree with the post.

The problem with fact checkers, if they too can be biased and a lot of world news is going to be difficult to verify.

I just had this conversation about things like Snopes and mediabiasfactchecker. I was just told they weren’t reputable sources, just because. There is almost no chain of trust with news sources it seems. At least not one that everyone will agree on, so what can we do?

If you block someone from posting, what’s to stop them from creating new accounts and getting around it?

If you go by the community up/down votes, same thing.

Sadly this is a fact of life on the internet.

One thing we can attempt to do is attempt to be civilized and let’s have an active discussion and not just “YOU’RE WRONG!” Ok… maybe I am wrong, let’s have a discussion as to WHY I’m wrong and where are the sources?

I don’t have an answer to this problem, so honestly I’m staying out of c/worldnews now, because it’s not worth it. I’ll just get my news elsewhere from Lemmy and that sucks, but if we’re not going to have real conversations then this site and technology will just devolve into the absolute cesspool like other places.

And that’s not to say all of other platforms are perfect or imperfect. There’s beauty and ugliness in everything. The technology isn’t implicitly good or evil. How we decide to use it is.

So can we just be grown ups and have real discussions or is this platform just going to turn into another awful place on the web? It’s up to us.

Why is it spam? Because it’s from abc backed by cdc? Or because climate change is fake?

Awesome! Now that is helpful information. Thank you! I will absolutely look into those. I greatly appreciate the help.

So for every single news article you completely research every facet of a company? You have way more patience than i do. But that probably is what it takes on the internet today.

I’d assume once you research a company though that you wouldn’t research it again, you just save yourself time and go based on your original research?

Or do you check up on each and everytime?

Do you have a list of ones you trust?

I’m not insisting anything. How do you verify the website that was given to you in the search engine iz trustworthy?

And internet search providers aren’t biased at all either, right?

There’s so much false info on the internet tout can’t trust any of it. None of them are regulated. in my experience at least snopes and mbfc try to back up their claims.

So you just randomly look up stuff and believe whatever hit is first?

Search engines are biased on how you phrase things.

So you have zero trustworthy sources you’re saying.

I’m legitemately asking you, for the fourth time, give me some sources.

I’m attempting to educate myself more, but you give zero information to help that, outside of critizing me, but yet you insist i’m the troll.


So do you do all your own scientific research as well? Have you confirmed gravity? Or do you just trust that it’s real?

We have to assume some level of trust on some line, until proven otherwise.

Yes, what i’m doing is asking for actually information. If toy want to suggest alternatives, i’ll check them out. Instead you just want everyone to trust you on your word. And looking at your history you just want to live in your bubble and fight anyone that doesn’t agree with you.

So give us some alternatives.

Or ignore me and prove me right, and i sincerely do wish everyone, including you, a good life. And not in the sarcastic way you dismiss people.

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Awesome, so instead of actually giving evidence and attempting to push the conversation forward by offering better solutions, instead you just insult people got it.

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Yes I do need more evidence then that. Snopes is known as a trustworthy source. So it makes sense for Facebook to hire them. Did Snopes compromise their integrity it did they try to do the job the best they can?

What you’re suggesting is basically on the level of an attorney decides to defend someone in a murder, even if that person didn’t commit it, that the attorney should also be charged on the murder if found guilty. That’s not how it works.

You can attempt to do good, even while working with someone awful. Guilt by association is draconian.

Wow… apparently any kind of enjoyment is now socialism… what’s the closest Socialist country to the US? I’m moving. :-D

Republicans in the US Senate have blocked a bill to establish a bipartisan 9/11-style commission to investigate the Capitol Hill riot. The measure - passed last week by the US House of Representatives - failed in the Senate by a vote of 54-35 after senators deployed a filibuster. Members of ex-President Donald Trump's party said the riot is already being investigated by congressional panels. Democrats argued a commission would prevent any repeat of the invasion. Trump supporters stormed Congress on 6 January in a failed bid to thwart certification of President Joe Biden's victory in November's election. Speaking from outside an ice cream parlour in Ohio on Thursday, Mr Biden condemned Republicans, saying: "I can't imagine anyone voting against establishing a commission on the greatest assault since the Civil War on the Capitol."

I don’t think Facebook is anything but an awful cesspool. But stating Snopes is just as bad without evidence, doesn’t help the conversation.

As I stated if you have other suggestions I’m open to getting them. Just stating “Nope, bad!” Without giving evidence, outside of affiliation, doesn’t help the conversation, nor does it direct folks to trustworthy sources.

If you have other suggestions in open to getting them, but I’m not sure how being a Facebook checker is a negative thing. Facebook needs LOTS of checking. Not a huge fan of Google Analytics, but I can hide myself from that stuff anyway, so also not a big deal really.

Basically they’re better than nothing.

I’ll also say that technology isn’t good or bad. Even if mastodon were to somehow so this, they’ll move somewhere else. Mastodon and Fediverse technologies well always have a dark side for those that are kicked out of somewhere. They’ll always five a place for their hate. That doesn’t make Mastodon bad or evil.

If the Mastodon devs were to attempt to force their views on everyone, that would be bad, because someone will have a view that doesn’t coincide with yours.

The best we can do is create the technology and block those users we don’t want to see. You getting into an out rage won’t change their mind. It’ll just prove their point. You can’t change their mind, that’s only something they can do. Let them echo their hate into themselves and maybe some will hear the echo and realize how awful it is and decide to leave if their own Accord.

If only there was a way to run your own server with your own rules and exclude those nodes you don’t like or something. Damn decentralized platforms being so centralized and out of our control!

If there’s content you don’t like you can block it.

If the node you’re on didn’t have the same views as you, get a new node or make a new node.

I don’t agree with any kind of racism, but just stating things like this, like you have no control, is just whining. You at least have options with Mastodon.

Social networks are always going to be a mixed bag, be part of the solution, not someone that just complains about the problem.

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Not sure I’m understanding the question here. Yes… they could do that, but will they? You could also do that yourself by pulling the code and cherry picking patches you want and don’t want.

Written by Shannon Vavra MAY 24, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Germany has ruled that encrypted email provider Tutanota must monitor for three months the messages of accounts implicated in a blackmail case. The decision, which impacts two accounts in all, comes months after the Regional Court of Cologne ruled that Tutanota must provide said emails. Tutanota had asked BGH to re-examine that decision given that Tutanota does not consider itself a telecommunications service and therefore should not be required to monitor them under German law. The Cologne decision also appeared to contradict an earlier ruling from the Hanover Regional Court, which affirmed Tutanota did not provide telecommunications services, according to Tutanota. BGH ruled late last month that the Tutanota request was admissible, but unfounded. BGH found that providers like Tutanota that provide “over-the-top” services are also considered to be providing telecommunications services under the Code of Criminal Procedure. The ruling only surfaced in German press in recent days. BGH’s dismissal of Tutanota’s appeal means Tutanota must provide unencrypted incoming and outgoing emails of the two implicated accounts. But the legal circumstances surrounding the decision could set a precedent for broader surveillance for users of Tutanota and other email providers like it, Tutanota warned. “We consider this decision to be absurd,” Tutanota told CyberScoop in a statement Friday. The decision will only impact unencrypted incoming and outgoing emails, as Tutanota can’t decrypt data that has already been encrypted, Tutanota added. It also said this should serve as a warning that for customers interested in maintaining their privacy, encryption is paramount. “This ruling shows again how important end-to-end encryption is,” Tutanota said. “All data transmitted without end-to-end encryption can be accessed by third parties.” The decision comes as nations around the world have sought to weaken encryption to benefit law enforcement investigations. Just last October the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and Japan issued a joint announcement advocating for increasing law enforcement access to encrypted data. Other efforts to require tech companies to provide law enforcement access to encrypted devices and services have accumulated on Capitol Hill as well.

I’m in the US so Reuters, NPR, AP. But there are so many “news” websites around anymore I usually take everything I read with a dose of skepticism and I look at Snopes and MediaBiasFactCheck often.

And yet this is a GPL licensed product that they’re working around that.

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Piepacker - retro gaming with friends
Liam and Samsai from GamingOnLinux check out Piepacker retro game streaming service Take2.


Q. Will Audacity remain open source?

A. Yes. Audacity was, is, and always will be 100% open source and free in every sense.

The CLA also allows us to use the code in other products that may not be open source, which we intend to do at some point to support the continued development of Audacity. We can already do this with the code we write ourselves, but the CLA allows us to do it with our contributors’ code too. This is necessary because community code and internal code often get mixed in ways that are difficult to separate later on.

So, it’ll remain open source, but any code you contribute out of the goodness of your heart, we can take and do with it as we may… wtf…

This Week on Stadia: Your free Stadia Pro games for June are almost here!
Four new free games are headed to Stadia Pro starting June 1. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - It doesn’t get more hardcore than this standout JRPG from the masters at Nihon Falcom. MotoGP20 - Blazing speed. Custom careers. Motorsports action at its absolute finest. Blue Fire - Scratch that 3D platforming itch with Blue Fire, a delightful eldritch adventure that will have you leap through deadly traps, battle daunting adversaries, and more. Chronos: Before the Ashes - Every time you die, you age a year, growing in some ways while diminishing in others. Can you slash your way through this atmospheric RPG before time runs out?

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We can confirm some, but not all, of what's in store for the codenamed "SteamPal." A combination of two corporate logos. Enlarge / Some Nintendo Switch clip art, plus a Steam logo, equals the Valve "SteamPal"? The math equation isn't as simple as this listing image might lead you to believe. Sam Machkovech Video game and hardware studio Valve has been secretly building a Switch-like portable PC designed to run a large number of games on the Steam PC platform via Linux—and it could launch, supply chain willing, by year's end. Multiple sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that the hardware has been in development for some time, and this week, Valve itself pointed to the device by slipping new hardware-related code into the latest version of Steam, the company's popular PC gaming storefront and ecosystem. On Tuesday, SteamDB operator Pavel Djundik spotted the change in Steam's code, which pointed to a new device named "SteamPal." The name is a derivative of a previously discovered code term, "Neptune," which began appearing in September of last year and came with a "Neptune Optimized Games" string. At the time, curious code crawlers thought this discovery referred to some type of controller. Technically, that's true. The "SteamPal," whose name we're putting in scare quotes because we do not have confirmation of the device's final name, is an all-in-one PC with gamepad controls and a touchscreen. In other words, it looks and functions like a Nintendo Switch (albeit without removable "Joy-Con" controller functionality). This device is very likely the subject of an announcement Valve co-founder Gabe Newell hinted to in a panel conversation at a New Zealand school earlier this month. There, he dodged a question about Valve's plans for future console video games with an indirect answer: "You will get a better idea of that by the end of this year... and it won't be the answer you expect. You'll say, 'Ah-ha! Now I get what he was talking about.'" Width for the sake of touch In recent years, the "Switch-like PC" category has exploded. In early 2020, Alienware revealed its first Switch-like gaming PC, but the "concept" device has not been a financial success. If you want to buy a similar device today, you're largely looking at products from Chinese OEMs like GPD, One-Netbook, and Aya, who have slapped ultramobile PC processors and parts into a Switch-like chassis. The SteamPal will go a similar route, with a system on a chip likely coming from either Intel or AMD, not Nvidia. (The aforementioned Switch-like PC manufacturers have leaned on both AMD and Intel for their products.) It's unclear whether Valve will release multiple SKUs to offer customers a choice of power level, battery life, and other specs, as other Switch-like PCs have offered over the past year. At least one SteamPal prototype version is quite wide compared to the Nintendo Switch. This extra width accommodates a slew of control options. No, Valve is likely not slapping an entire QWERTY keyboard onto its system, but the company has packed in a standard array of gamepad buttons and triggers, along with a pair of joysticks and at least one thumb-sized touchpad (in addition to the device's touch-sensitive screen). The SteamPal's touchpad is likely smaller than the pair of touchpads that came standard on every Steam Controller. The SteamPal is still in the prototype stage, and its features are subject to change, as we've seen with prototype hardware for other Valve initiatives like SteamVR and the Steam Controller. In other words, while I'm pretty confident that the SteamPal will include a d-pad, I can't say for sure. This also means I don't have details on crucial hardware aspects like battery size, screen size, pixel resolution, memory, and storage capacity. The SteamPal's Switch-like properties will include the option to "dock" to larger monitors via its USB Type-C port, but I don't have firm details about exactly how that connection will work or whether Valve has any plans for an eventual SteamPal dock. Lastly, the SteamPal was built with Linux as a likely target, which aligns with Valve's continued project to make its entire catalog compatible with the open source OS, particularly through Steam Proton. That in no way means Valve's increasingly cozy relationship with Microsoft couldn't result in a deal to get Windows onto the SteamPal, though it would not be surprising to see Valve skip the Windows license cost per device and tell users that the SteamPal is open enough for them to customize like any other PC. A completely different proposition than Steam Machines I have no idea how much this device will cost. Valve may very well be in a position to take a loss on every SteamPal sold in order to drive revenue through selling software on Steam, but it's unclear whether the turbulence of chip and other supply shortages could stop Valve from getting anywhere near the Nintendo Switch's $299 MSRP. While Valve has had its share of rocky hardware launches (particularly with its Steam Machine partnerships with other OEMs), the Valve Index saw the company streamline its manufacturing process with something resembling significant quality control. And taking the lead on its own VR hardware meant not getting into bed with other OEMs, which is arguably one reason that Steam Machines didn't work out as a platform. But where Steam Machines tried to sell desktop systems in a marketplace already saturated with them, Switch-like PCs are still an entirely new sector—and one where Valve might very well succeed based on getting in earlier than other major Western manufacturers. I can confirm the device's existence and development, and I can point to Newell's very loud hints that something console-related will be announced later this year, but Valve is still in a position to change gears (pun intended) at a moment's notice. The company could either delay or outright cancel this portable gaming PC project for any number of reasons. As we learned from a massive 2020 report on the development of Half-Life: Alyx, Valve loves to create, incubate, and then cancel things

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“I guess in all those years with sysv,openrc,runit it simply didn’t show its shutdown slowness clearly, if it did not shutdown that fast. On FreeBSD stopping a desktop computer is always fast, never a delay and never a problem because of that. I guess it also had to do with the fact that I was playing with Ubuntu on a pi4, which comes with snap daemon and what not.”

I know nothing about runit or openrc, but I do know about sysv and upstart(which masquerades as sysv so most folks probably think they’re running sysv and really it’s upstart). sysv and upstart don’t manage the process the way that systemd does. It just runs a start script and walks away. So there’s no true tracking of if an application is misbehaving or not. 99/100 the script runs a command and puts it in the background, and then moves on so that other scripts can do their thing. If all init scripts would wait for every process to come down, then I would imagine we’d see a lot more of what systemd does, which is waiting on something to stop properly.

I feel like there’s a huge misconception about systemd, regardless of what folks think, it is NOT just an init system. upstart, sysv, are just init systems. systemd is a full management layer. As well as contrary belief, a LOT of what systemd does is all modular.

You don’t NEED systemd-logind or systemd-homed or systemd-networkd, again I work for Red Hat, we often don’t allow things in because they don’t pertain to us (looking at you systemd-homed). So the fact that your distro of choice DOES have this, means the devs made the decision that this systemd piece solves a problem for them. You do NOT need it.

Now, if you do not have systemd-logind, then yes, you’re going to be limited in what you can use. Gnome has decided to make a hard dependency on systemd-logind. Again though, is that systemd’s fault or Gnome’s?

It’s just code, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. If you have a problem with it, please report a bug so it can be fixed or so folks can understand how to use systemd or help the systemd devs understand use cases.

I will state that systemd source is a MASSIVE labyrinth and pisses me off endlessly, but it’s moving more towards like what the kernel is. But as you have kernel space and userspace, now there’s kind of a system management space.

Never understood how systemd, telling an application to stop, and then waiting on it to stop and it doesn’t, is a systemd problem. This is an application that isn’t shutting down properly or they unit done was configured incorrectly.

If I tell my car to turn off and when I turn the key of, the car keeps on rubbing, is that my fault or the car’s?

Also as for the container issues, a lot of these container platforms are built on top of systemd and leverage systemd, because it makes their jobs easier. The containers devs could decide to handle cgroups themselves, but instead they’ll push systemd to do things it wasn’t intended to do and then blame systemd.

I will say, I am biased. I work for Red Hat, primarily in systemd support and I with closely with the systemd devs. Is it perfect? Not at all. A lot of stuff is completely broken, but the devs are always willing to listen and try to make it better.

Sorry for multiple posts, it kept telling me it failed. Whoops.

Peertube link:


Ubuntu Touch on the Pinephone - is this the best Linux mobile interface?

🔗 https://tilvids.com/videos/watch/e2533d4c-f783-4d5c-8f05-8694d58ea63a

Because you posting everything about your life isn’t enough, instead we need all the telemetry at all times. PLEASE start charging for Facebook. I’d love some of that drama with my popcorn.

And now to hold them accountable… Oh right… They’re not people… Guess there’s absolutely nothing we can do except scold them… I’m sure a harsh scolding will make them see the error of their ways…

All it says right now is sign up now for 40% off the price. Ok, if the price is $1,000 then I can’t afford it. If the price is $15.00 then I’ll still wait. So what’s the price?

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs might become more of a reality? 😊

Most grocery stores have membership cards which require all of that information. I personally don’t like the idea of it, but wife signs up for them. Might as well get delivery via a drone at least once. It’ll be a cool idea. Just interested to see where it goes. 😁