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Because you posting everything about your life isn’t enough, instead we need all the telemetry at all times. PLEASE start charging for Facebook. I’d love some of that drama with my popcorn.

And now to hold them accountable… Oh right… They’re not people… Guess there’s absolutely nothing we can do except scold them… I’m sure a harsh scolding will make them see the error of their ways…

All it says right now is sign up now for 40% off the price. Ok, if the price is $1,000 then I can’t afford it. If the price is $15.00 then I’ll still wait. So what’s the price?

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs might become more of a reality? 😊

Most grocery stores have membership cards which require all of that information. I personally don’t like the idea of it, but wife signs up for them. Might as well get delivery via a drone at least once. It’ll be a cool idea. Just interested to see where it goes. 😁