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theres more ways to setup autostart on windows in the syncthing docs

it would be nice if you could edit the blocklists like how nextDNS does it, that would make me switch to paying for it and using it all the time honestly

synapse has gotten better for CPU and memory usage recently, conduit and dendrite are even better as well as for disk usage not really much you can do about that sadly unless you use a S3 bucket as storage instead, if you have fast enough internet

its released into beta not fully done so theres still a fair few missing features and bugs

I remember seeing someone say they started work on one or something, I cant remember where exactly I saw that tho

dendrite or conduit are alot lighter to run compared to synapse so if you have a pi4 with at least 2GB of ram maybe even 1GB if you join small rooms they will probably be fine

those people didnt goto gab or parler because they got banned off facebook only because they either got banned of twitter or because trump got banned from there

https://pterodactyl.io/ here is one I’ve found when I was looking for the same thing, I havent tried it out myself but it looks alright

also https://alternativeto.net/software/pterodactyl/ here is some alternatives if you dont like pterodactyl that much or it doesnt work well

oh hell yes

I dont really like you have to pay to beable to use extensions, is there any other selfhosting encrpted notes like SN?

I swear most of the brave users I see are brainwashed and think brave is better then firefox when brave does shit like this and firefox doesnt have crypto currency shit built into the browser or an advertising platform

its similar but not as much stuff you can pick to let through only one toggle perdomain for scripts and thats it

I’m looking forward to this next big update so much

its kinda similar to discord in text channels but its more focussed around just single rooms, there are communities you can add channels to but its not really like servers on discord

its going to be nice when its done but it seems like its going to take a while

I’ve had a look through their account and all they seem to post is stuff with a link to utopia.fans so either they are a very big shill or they are one of the devs

baidu has a cloud service called https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baidu_Wangpan which could be where the images are being pulled from