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Thanks for the advice! I’ll try to find something with good battery life.

GNSS recommendations for gpx traces?
I'm looking to keep a gnss on me when going on hikes and walks around parks, etc., so that I can upload the traces to OSM. Anyone have any recommendations for a good GNSS for this purpose? I've been looking for the most accurate one I can, but is it really worth it to find something as precise as possible? Or do small errors not matter as much?

It doesn’t sound like it’s limited to libera.chat.

Thanks to the standard, open protocols that IRC is built on, chat.sr.ht users are able to participate in the established community of IRC networks like Libera Chat.

EDIT: They do, however, appear to recommend it.

The recommended network for SourceHut users is Libera Chat: https://libera.chat

Probably just bash aliases:


alias in="apt install"

Seeing your up alias reminded me of a bash function I setup a while ago also called up. I use it to simulate doing cd .. n number of times. e.g. up 5 would go up 5 directory levels.

up ()
    local levels;
    local i;
    [[ -z "$1" ]] && levels=1 || levels="$1";
    for ((i=0; i<levels; i++))
        cd ../;

It’s probably the smallest, yet most convenient thing I’ve setup on my machines. Especially so if you work in languages with lots of nested subdirectories (like Java).

Not sure if I’m just too used to the classic design, but the new one looks pretty cramped to me. Also, while I can’t read French, it seemed like I got an ad at the top of the page, which hopefully isn’t the direction Wikipedia is going.

Anything zipped will presumably eventually want to be unzipped. Personally, I’d create a directory, and unzip it in there, since sometimes it’s just a bunch of files instead of being in a directory.

Community Names vs. Titles
Currently, whenever a community is shown (e.g. under a post or on the main page sidebar), it always shows the full title with spaces, etc. Is there a way to toggle a setting somewhere to replace these titles with just the name identifier? I didn't see anywhere in settings. Or, if not, would this be something that would be considered in development? In most cases, it doesn't seem too bad, but there are some that are just long sentences without any indication what the content really is.

Looks like the f-droid version hasn’t been updated yet. I’m on 1.2.0, whereas the fix is 1.2.2. I’m hoping they’ll push a release soon.

EDIT: they’ve pushed an update

I’ve been running just the normal release for a while and didn’t they just remove the grid layout recently?

While certainly not recommended, you could always make a cron job that runs pacman --noconfirm -Syu nightly. Perhaps you could query the Arch news RSS feed to see if something is new, and notify you for a manual upgrade, but still not a recommended pattern.