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Interesting article - anything that challenges Facebook makes me happy. The headline is slightly misleading though - at the end it says that they’re still verifying whether the jailbreaker’s claim is valid.

I like Chris Were’s videos. He looks at open source software, Linux and privacy. He also has some gaming videos, but I haven’t watched any so I can’t comment on them.

Yeah, I have one too :|. Explains why the battery life is so good but damn, you shouldn’t have to uninstall a system app to tweak power saving settings.

Thanks! There are a few steps I haven’t tried there - if they work I’ll give keepass+syncthing another chance

I tried that for a while, but the autofill was a bit temperamental and switching apps felt a bit tedious.

My phone alse kept killing Syncthing, even after disabling battery optimisations for it. This left me with lots of sync conflicts and I got a bit paranoid about losing passwords. I love the idea of avoiding cloud-based services but it just wasn’t worth the hassle for me.

Bitwarden. One of the main reasons I switched from KeepassXC was how much easier it is to use.

Much needed! Would be cool if they let you choose which search engine to use but I think that’s unlikely to happen

Absolutely love his music. The video is incredible too!

Magic Wormhole - command-line tool to send files between computers

Divisibility tricks :) here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • 3: digit sum is divisible by 3 (can repeatedly calculate the digit sum until you get to a single-digit number)
  • 4: last two digits are divisible by 4
  • 6: number is divisible by 2 and 3
  • 7: pop the last digit off the number, multiply it by 2 and subtract it from what’s left of the number. Then, check if the new number is divisible by 7 (can repeat if the number is still pretty big) (you might end up with a negative number but it doesn’t really matter, just check whether or not it’s divisible by 7)
  • 8: last 3 digits are divisible by 8
  • 9: digit sum is divisible by 9

7 is probably the most confusing so I’ll add an example. Say you want to check if 161 is divisible by seven.

  1. pop off the last digit, 1, leaving you with 16
  2. multiply it by 2: 1 * 2 = 2
  3. subtract it from what’s left: 16 - 2 = 14
  4. 14 is divisibly by 7, so 161 is also divisible by 7
  5. if you really wanted to keep going you could ( 1 - 4 * 2 = -7 which is also divisible by 7)

I think they’re fantastic for the reasons others have mentioned already. They can also be used to tackle important issues relating to food & nutrition (see golden rice).

My only concern is that companies sometimes “copyright” a GMO and then sue farms who are growing it without having purchased it (e.g. when seeds blow across from a nearby farm). It’s been a while since I heard about that though; I’m not sure if it’s still an issue.

Password health checking was one of the features I missed when I left 1Password. Glad to see it’s coming to KeepassXC!