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Just this week LastPass was hacked. Not the password database I guess, but it really points out how silly the idea of holding everyone’s passwords in your server is.

I sort of agree with this. Even better if the parts came out as single units ready to use rather than having to hack a leg or something.

As a chef at a vegan restaurant, I would be completely ambivalent to the good life some reptilians live. But I’m not.

3months!, 2 weeks with good behavior. Time served! We arranged a limo jet to send you back to Mara Lago… we’re sorry.

Something like that probably.

📎 this is Paper Clip, Clippy’s useless cousin. He holds paper if you put it in it’s butt. It’s the only thing it does and it doesn’t do it well.

Probably something insidious. Something totally shitty evil barely legal that their lawyers worked on for a good 200 man years over a period of 3 months.

Its an interesting concept where a bluetooth dongle is connected to the OBDII, then a raspberrypi is used to collect data. The rpi will have a live data dashboard aswell.

New cells, new community, new app, everything is new!

One day, back in 2010, I got pissed at my Epson color printer and I saw an ad in Fry’s for a Samsung office all I’m one printer/scanner/fax. It’s 2022 and I’m looking right at it right now. It has moved to 6 different houses and it’s in need for new toner, but it still runs pretty well.

Epson just screwed up it’s printer business model because I would never, under any circumstances buy another Epson anything, ever again. I’ll buy it used from a garage sale as a paper weight before I’d ever buy epsom for anything. I got down to the code on this kind of shit with my Epson and my Brother printers. I was able to get the brother running again, but the Epson went into the garbage.

Do this is what they did to their clients. Client no more.

Same here. I listen to jpop. Since I don’t speak Japanese, it’s just peachy. Been doing this since college back in the early 2000’s. Now. It interrupts my flow. I don’t speak Japanese but I know the syllables. So I need to again not listen to lyrics.

Is that just a light 10 years in light jail 😂.?

My wife loves the idea of these. I saw a bunch in the Netherlands and I thought they were pretty cool. Unfortunately these are really expensive so the only way is to make my own.

Geez! So depressing 😭. He needs more ram. 🐏

From what I understand, people in russia are noticing that no one is coming back or coming back without legs or arms or dead. Obviously the same in Ukraine. However russian soldiers don’t see their country unfairly attacked so they don’t have the drive to enlist other than the corrupt government forcing them in clearly evil ways like just going to your house and literally taking you. On the other hand, you got the Ukraninans who, on the very first days of the war would make and use Molotov cocktails. They see an asshole country destroying theirs and their way of life. So they got everything to lose. That’s why they come back. Plus men of fighting age are not allowed to leave. Most of the world see how russia’s asshole guy, little pipiputin is killing innocent people. As you might understand, most of the world has most of the people who live in the world, and they got something to lose. The world has their future to lose if russia starts WW3 or if they start using nukes. This is why russia is loosing soldiers and Ukraine keeps getting more and better trained ones.

At least that’s what I understand. It might be that the world wants to become a slave to cancer baldy pipiputin. There are people like that. Would you like to be a servant of a guy dying from cancer who is killing kids?

Me, looking at written stuff and imagining that I can hear it in my mind’s ear.

Hopefully by the end of the year or earlier. Russia is basically running out of people.

Yup, this is why federation is so good. Have them eat their pie, let us eat ours.

I’m new and was looking for political places to chat and crack a few jokes but wow. That instance, from the federated posts I’ve read, totally takes the cake, eats it and spits it out on your face through it’s butthole covered in puke. It’s simple things like, oh we love trump and don’t love Biden. It’s more like people trying to figure out where the guy’s at right now and trying to do some craziness with that info… It’s bad.

Oh I agree. Reducing digital rights is Microsoft’s #1 priority.

Are you saying that china wants to take over Taiwan so as to exclusively procure insulin generating vaccines or whatever type of remedy that may come from research?

In that case, I will stop working on my time machine immediately! Okay I finished my time machine, I recommend that we protect this Taiwan researcher. Antigravity turbo luminal engines depend on his findings. More specifically the life of Juan Pedro Lee Vadercamp must be prolonged. Juan’s research culminated in the theory of quantum megatomics.

Just a new Ford humvee
Looks like this time you don't need roads. Just look at those tires. It can probably run over a good 6 people at a time. One day it will too be available at the junkyard.

Mid summer, August 04, it rained in Seattle.
It's was cloudy and rainy/breezy today between one of the longest heat waves in Seattle and another that's coming next week. The weather is weird around here.

What is your favorite password manager?
I started digging into opensource password managers and found that they all suck major ball sack. I ended up picking nothing. My two runner-ups were bitwarden. It works on Linux, Android, whatever apple's shit runs on, and even runs on PC's with the OS that you usually delete first thing. But the major drawback is that I can't trust it. It's got a "premium" version, and that has always meant a slow steady spiral into "you must pay now that we have you by the balls" situation. Another drawback is that it's centralized, kill the company and so go your passwords I suppose. The other runner up is called liso. This one comes with two major drawbacks. One is that is browser only so far. The other one is that it doesn't work on Linux yet. Such a shit shit option. Everything else out there wants you to pay for encryption. I did end up learning about pass on Linux. It creates encrypted passwords and there's some compatibility with guis and maybe available on Android??? Big question mark. I've tried nothing yet. My password list seems to grow daily. So what's your favorite one?