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Yes I definitely agree: free software is also a requirement for bootstrappability and reproducibility.

You mean reproducibility and bootstrappability?

Nice try Jeff, nice try… /s

You do realize that’s a bad attribute for someone leading the Free Software Foundation.

I mean if near endorsement of child abuse is not enough , yeah, please, let’s wait until he fully endorses child abuse, then we’ll get rid of him.

+1, for me it was Guile Scheme. I think that S-exp are actually unbeatable for their combo of simplicity, expressive power and strong specification (and they are like ~60 years old). No one of the above mentioned formats has all of these features.

After the parentheses revolution we’ll use S-exps all the way down! :D

Si scusate per il casino, non avevo letto la descrizione e ho dato per scontato fosse l’unica community.

I really envy you, I’m doing some research about Italian tech coops for a-soon-to-be Awesome List for TWC Italia and I found four so far (three of which come from this list :'D).

No actually I would love to but in Italy (as far as I know) the idea is not that spread yet. BTW I would really love to start one as well.

I use Guix as a daily driver on my laptop, coming from Arch and Debian.

What I like the most about Guix is the hackability of it all. In my (about one year long) experience the consistency of iterfacing with a single API and syntax to almost everything in a system is a breath of fresh air after years of copypasting snippets from the web to the most disparate files under /etc.

Of course Scheme has a little steeper learning curve w.r.t. PKGBUILDs but imho it’s much easier than to learn the APT packaging system, that requires you to understand the purpose and syntax of many different DSLs.

That every interaction with the system is done through a transaction thus is atomic and reversible.

Atomic means every time you upgrade/install/remove a package from your profile that action can either fail or succeed, it can’t get stuck in between. After performing that action, you can always roll back that action so you basically have an undo button for package management.