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Overall it’s still better than other brands.

Because they sell in Europe

They don’t ship outside of Europe. Not sure if it’s work in the US, sorry.

The software is open source, the hardware is using closed source Qualcomm chips AFAIK. But you can easily dismantle the phone and repair it. Not sure how it compares to other phone you listed.

What other phone can you buy with crypto?

Since it was still under guarantee after few months, why didn’t you get it replaced?

I have FP2 for two years now and it’s quite robust. It’s the easiest phone to repair (the only one to get 10/10 on ifixit), and you can install custom ROMs (I’m using LineageOS).

They are going to release a new update of their Android after 5 years of initial release, which is quite remarkable. I’m not sure if any other phone get a support this long.

I can still get spare parts on their official site.

I wish it was a bit faster with biggest battery, but all in all in happy with it. Apparently FP3 has been improved in this regard.

It’s the most sustainable phone on the market AFAIK, except for buying a used phone.

Why would they buy it for, for profit? As soon as someone puts ads in wiki, there will be at fork. See wikitravel/wikivoyage example.

I think it’s a joke 😂😭

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I love my i3+xfce combo: simple, powerful, stable and fast.

NixOS, the distro with atomic updates and rollbacks.

I like to play with Linux, which usually broke my system. With NixOS, I just rollback and it works again.

Whole system can be reinstalled from a configuration file, so you can have a system running as you like it on a new machine super fast

The repo with applications is huge.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, it’s just great.

Mozilla noted the fact that it’s not yet possible to upgrade from Thunderbird 68 or earlier versions


I use Pinta, it works great! Any advantage of Drawing?

I did a workshop with Dr Brady and it was great, I highly recommend attending to his talks.

I’ve been using Nix on NixOS for a couple of years now, can’t imagine going back.

Diablo :P

I’m not a big roguelike player, butI’ve been playing some tome4 recently and it’s fun.

Yay for a lbry link!


I for one find it funny.

I appreciate what you do for lemmy but it’s memes section, can’t you relax?

My country suffered a lot because the USSR tried to force communism on us. But I’m not going to comment on your communist posts “it’s not funny” , because they’re just a meme. Those are your believes, and you have right to post whatever you want. Just please try to have a laugh at your ideology, because a comment like this is very off putting.

Peace :)