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I don’t know. Nice v Mean are subjective. I suggest you be honest. When you approach someone with complete honesty, if they are being disingenuous, eventually they will reveal themselves.

Once someone has revealed themselves you go ahead and treat them that way until they change. There is no simple answer to this question. It’s not cut and dry as “if a person does x then y.”

But I don’t personally surround myself or waste my time helping people who I think are bad people or, at least, too confused for me to help. But a criticism against me might be that I don’t spend enough time helping people. It’s a personal decision.

I like this question because it gets at a deeper issue: what is reddit? They have changed their mission and business structure and privacy rules several different times.

Let’s face it, they are no different than Facebook or Twitter at this point. So to answer your question, no, they are under no obligation to reveal any of the employees that work there any more than they are legally required to.

Lemmy, federated platforms, and any other non-profit-esque platform DOES need transparency around their moderation. It’s really about good will towards the users, and there are different requirements based on the mission of your platform.

I don’t think I care to consider reddit as some kind of open, free speech, or transparent environment. Once the greater user base finds out that they don’t embody those beliefs, they will start losing their more dedicated users. It’s all down hill from here.

They would essentially have to pull a 180 and reverse course on their business model if suddenly transparency and openness mattered to them.

  • It’s hard to find anyone who goes to this lengths to support free software
  • OP is clearly interested in women
  • lose* i think you are projecting on the virginity thing, op simply said “find a girl”
  • op said they can’t text, use netflix, or youtube, not so much a debate there
  • good idea
  • correct
  • reactionary bigot is definitely a value judgement but ok

Also I don’t think it will be 20 years before Wayland is usable. I am using it right now on Manjaro Gnome and it works better than X.

XFCE Window Manager & GTK themes are different

I got tired of the broken theming experience and lack of wayland support any time soon on their roadmap.

I also found myself preferring apps that were built for GNOME anyway, so I ended up making a silly XFCE GNOME hybrid. All of my computers have decent graphics/ram and the resource usage of GNOME is overstated.

Same. I notice on the fedi people are also more sensitive to random followers. Feels like there’s nowhere for me to really find content.

I don’t think anyone even knows other bad companies exist, based on the amount of attention we spend on Tesla and Amazon.

Old money loves that you focus on hating new money. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are more your friend than say, Alan Greenspan or the board of Halliburton. But we don’t even know what those people are up to because we are distracted by stupid shit like this.

If criticisms of capitalism want to be taken seriously, they need to expand beyond Tesla and Amazon.

Chevron, Exxon, and Blackwater love that you focus all your ire on an…electric car company.

If you click on the download and then reject it, a new link appears to open in web version. I am strongly considering figuring out how that works and creating a FF extension to generate those web links automatically.

I know my Linux environment is pretty sandboxed, but I’d rather go back to Windows than install Zoom software on any of my devices.

I use the web version.

This is really interesting.