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The threat to Russia is real and should not be understated.

NATO doesn’t invade countries. This is a threat to their geopolitical interests, not a direct threat.

You can whatabout your way and compare them to America acting on their interests, but that just makes them the same as America, not better.

This looks like a fantastic solution to having a usable web (leaving Javascript enabled) while still maintaining privacy. Really the final piece that uBlock was missing. Very nice!

“Workers are not workers if they disagree with me politically.”

The correct term is scabs.

Yeah it’s going to take a while for people to move over to Wayland.

They shouldn’t be able to use the money sign to represent dollar values that are speculative. I’m pretty sure in the crypto space everyone is paying crypto for this kind of stuff, and whether you can liquidate those coins for that exact amount is very suspect.

Same feedback as the other posts. This is putlocker with a netflix theme. The ads found on your site should be/are illegal.


I love them because it gives you a succinct way to reply without having to type out a response.

I personally don’t think it’s an issue.

AH really? What DE? I guess everyone should use Manjaro. For me, I have to right click, run as executable. Firefox doesn’t work, Pling icon looks like shit, can’t update them without using a poorly made updater program. No thanks!

Mass containerization and alternate runtimes cannot possibly be the future of desktop apps on Linux. If this is really the direction it’s going, the future will be so shitty that we’ll all end up back on macOS or Windows.

This posts features great complaints but really shitty reasoning. Very immature perspective on things.

If you are so upset about it, name the perfect alternative, contribute to one, or go make one. This post barely approaches solutions and spends all of it’s time whining about the outcome of technology choices without even touching on what they would change.

AppImages don’t integrate into the system at all and AppImageUpdate sucks.

Also flatpak update go brrrr

Check if your state publishes their vaccination database.

This is actually fake, the zip you download has a bunch of junk data.

I think the entire tech/programming community has some really destructive ideas at it’s core. The freedom/libre thing is great, but almost every UI/Distro decision they stick with is completely opposite of what normal people want.

Hilariously, after years and years of distro hopping, I found myself back on Ubuntu recently.