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Likewise in World of Warcraft, your skeleton that appeared when you died was turned to a tombstone

This was actually a result of the publisher and not government censorship.

TL;DR from this article:

So, while there’s no way to be totally sure what’s going on behind the scenes, can can draw some basic conclusions:

  • Skeletons are not censored in all Chinese games, or considered taboo in Chinese culture.
  • There is no public law that bans the use of skeletons, blood, or anything else like that in video games. But China’s laws about game censorship are broad and could be interpreted in a variety of ways.
  • The censorship of skeletons in foreign games like WOW and Dota 2 was probably voluntary on the part of the games’ Chinese publishers, who were being extra careful to avoid any potential delays in the review process.

In other words, the next time you see a fleshy skeleton lumbering towards you in WOW, don’t blame Chinese culture, and don’t even blame the Chinese government. Instead, blame the game’s Chinese publishers, who put flesh back on the bones in the hopes of getting the game released more quickly in China.

I can absolutely vouch for HelloChinese, I’ve enjoyed it a lot more than Duolingo but definitely try both! Great list, recommend everything on here but here’s a couple extra things I use:


  • Pleco – Dictionary app
  • 微信读书 – Audio book app




  • Ultimate Chinese Deck – Deck of Chinese words in order of common usage. Definitely look up example sentences and watch content after learning new words so they stick
  • MorphMan – Add-on that generates sentences for you to learn and read from

Great documentary. For another look at daily life in the DPRK I’ve recently found this video series by a Chinese tourist. The video I linked talks about housing, income, etc. but there are many more videos on the channel in the [North Korea World] Playlist

Wow that is a surprising amount of support, even for Twitter. Maybe people are starting to realize America’s hypocrisy.

Yo no conozco a nadie que odie el comunismo y su patria más que a mi familia, y ellos nunca dejan de hablar de cubanos que apoyan la revolución. Por lo menos un vez a la dilla se quejan de los cubanos que extrañan a cuba, que quiren volver a cuba, or de los que decien que nunca van a viener a los Estados Unidos porque “no quieren traicionar la revolución.” Esto no es un delirio de paranoia, es la verdad.

There could be legitimate grievances among the people for sure. Food, medical, and power shortages are all real (and the fault of the US blockade), but these protests have gone far beyond that in the imperial core. Almost 350k people have signed a petition demanding US military intervention for “humanitarian” reasons. To voice support for these protests is to enable and encourage those who seek Cuban blood.

I’ve linked my thoughts here. In short: we are not in favor of this US sponsored color revolution, when the majority of Cubans are in favor of their government.

Attempted Color Revolution in Cuba

An attempted color revolution is currently underway in Cuba. The media has claimed “hundreds” of the 11 million Cubans are protesting seeking to overthrow the socialist government. Videos have circulated showing [tens or at most a hundred protestors.](https://twitter.com/Datoworld/status/14143112879

According to the AP report, President Moïse was assassinated by “professional killers … masquerading as agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration” who spoke “Spanish or English.” I’ve seen some comrades speculating this could be another situation like Ngô Đình Diệm-- an unpopular U.S. spo…

It’s been preinstalled in Ubuntu since 20.04 if that helps. I use and haven’t had any issues with it so far

Or they call themselves socialist but say the Nordic countries are true socialism. To be fair, I used to be one of those people. It takes a strong anti-capitalist mindset for people to look into socialism, then witness the failure of the electoral system to slide into communism/Marxism-Leninism. So while I would still regard this is good news, even if most of them aren’t comrades yet.

Are there any advantages to using Qwant over Duckduckgo?

Here’s a couple book recommendations. I have not personally read them myself yet, but I’ve heard particularly good things about the “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.”

Sorry I haven’t checked lemmy in a minute, you can find guides for it on this steam page. Check the About section for the specific games you want to try. It’s pretty simple, latency is good too though that depends on the ping of each player.

Edit: just realized you wanted a general netplay guide, you can find one here or use the netplay section under the Mario Party 4/5/6/7 Netplay Guide, it’s pretty much the same for most games.

Anyone know why they stopped advertising lemmygrad on r/GenZedong btw? It was how I found this website, it’s a shame they’re not promoting it more and more

To preserve peace of course

Moreover, that the dock is now further away is something that the Gnome designers have become aware of and planned fixes are in the pipeline for Gnome 41.

Source? Overall I like the changes made except for the dock movement, would be great if my one gripe was being improved

her opinions

So sorry! I edited the comment to fix the pronoun before the server but I guess the change wasn’t backed up, let me fix it again

Risks of Joining Communist Party in the USA

Hi all, I’ve been considering joining the PCUSA or PLS, but am afraid of being discriminated against when finding a job or internship. I’m wondering if anyone here can provide their personal experience with being in a communist or socialist party in the USA, and whether or not I should wait until af…