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Is it possible to deleted account?
I just now noticed Nutomic had a Che image, didn't notice that it was him on the tiny image on my mobile until now. I like Reddit but think it lacks some features and have too many trolls and chills manipulating voting etc. I think a open source alternative is an excellent thing. Though since I'm not interested in taking a controversial political stand, is it possible to delete the account? I really like the product and am impressed by the effort that must have been put into it. But why drag politics into it by using what many consider a controversial political image on a good product and make simply its use even if only for uncontroversial subjects politically loaded? When there are people like me who just like to try a good Reddit alternative? You are ofcourse free to do whatever, I just don't want to get labeled this or that by others simply for using a product.

I live in a small house a bit out in the country, with just me and my cat Jerry.

What is virtue ethics? Gonzo philosophy uses a moral dilemma from the game Wither 3 to discribe what virtue ethics is.

That is impressive.

I will check out some more than.

Newpipe is a great youtube app, better than the real app. It includes support for peertube and soundcloud

Thanks, I should had included that it was on newpipe. Maybe it is a newpipe problem.

But I also seem to remember that when I searched instances and selected english some of them still had mostly content in other languages if I remember correctly.

A huge problem with peertube is that it has no language settings.
When browsing peertube, every other video is in other languages than english. Makes the content feel too much irrelevant. There ought to be a language setting.

So that is why the nazis shot the communist, and the commies were their wurst enemies.

And here I was thinking that if socialist are really are communists and nazis were socialist and thus communists they would have worked together in their country. United by their identical way of thinking. As is always the case when political parties are identical.

Proof of stake is basically giving free money to the richest people on the network, those that have enough to stake. At the expense of the rest of the users.

POW is also a POS when a miner have to invest in specialized hardware.

POW also ensures that the newly created coins were not given for free but had a real cost to produce.

The bad thing is energy consumption.

But there have been research showing around 70% of the energy is from renewables.

It could in theory also be used as a way to turn excess energy produced from windpower and otherwise just wasted into more profits from windpower.

If so, mining could even drive investment into renewables. Speeding up its expansion.

There is a risk of stalking with that. If you add it, make it possible to see who follows you or disable the option to be followed.

Platforms like Mastodon and Lemmy have none of the problems associated with commercial ones because they don’t aim to monetize the users of the platform.

This also means the developers or those running an instance might run into money problems and be cheaper for someone to buy to sell their data.

First I must say I'm impressed by the post editor. One problem with Reddit is the ability for bots and people to censor or harass/stalk and manipulate what appears as popular. All they need to is to upvote or downvote based on the name of the poster. This leads to problems such as original good content posted being downvoted but reposts being upvoted. Because of people who do not like your opinion stalking you. I think I have a very good idea for how to prevent this. If a posters name could be hidden for a day or more than it would not be possible for users to simply downvote or upvote a post based on the posters name. That would make post manipulation much more difficult. It would increase the probability a lot that the votes are not simply based on the name of the poster. I suggested this to reddit years ago, but they ignored it. I think lemmy could really gain tracktion if it protected users from vote manipulation more than reddit. I also do think that it is a serious concern that anyone can see a users post and comment history. Even though this work both ways. It can also help people detect trolls by looking at the users previous posts. So hiding the post history perhaps ought to be limited somehow. If possible I'm willing to support the development a little of those features. Especially the first.