When browsing peertube, every other video is in other languages than english.

Makes the content feel too much irrelevant.

There ought to be a language setting.

Peertube has language setting. When you’re at the main page, click on “Settings” in the sidebar. You’ll get this pop-up (you probably in English, though):

The bottom field lets you set which languages you want to see videos in. Just remove “All languages” and set “English” and whatever other languages you want to see.

However, I just tried it on the peertube.social instance, it didn’t work for me. But then the problem is not that Peertube doesn’t have a language settings, but that the language settings don’t work…

If you have a Peertube account and are logged in, you can change displayed languages in your account settings. That works for me.


Thanks, I should had included that it was on newpipe. Maybe it is a newpipe problem.

But I also seem to remember that when I searched instances and selected english some of them still had mostly content in other languages if I remember correctly.

As far as I understand, it filters not just by which language is spoken in the video, but also by which language it has subtitles in. So if the video isn’t in English, but has English subtitles, it’ll still appear.

(I can’t say anything about the newpipe problem though, I’ve never used it.)

EDIT: Sorry, I misread your comment initially. I meant setting which languages you want to see will look at both video language and subtitles, I don’t know about instance search. I’m quite inexperienced with Peertube…


That is impressive.

I will check out some more than.

Newpipe is a great youtube app, better than the real app. It includes support for peertube and soundcloud


IMO every website should have language sub domains, like Wikipedia. I think that’s a major reason why Wikipedia was successful.

Then you can have the full use of the website and still never have to see content that’s not in your preferred language.

I have a hunch that if any reddit clone gets this feature, it will be the killer feature.

It does have language settings, if you have an account. You click the three dots menu -> Account settings -> Video settings -> Only display videos in the following languages/subtitles

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