Is it possible to deleted account?

I just now noticed Nutomic had a Che image, didn’t notice that it was him on the tiny image on my mobile until now.

I like Reddit but think it lacks some features and have too many trolls and chills manipulating voting etc. I think a open source alternative is an excellent thing.

Though since I’m not interested in taking a controversial political stand, is it possible to delete the account?

I really like the product and am impressed by the effort that must have been put into it. But why drag politics into it by using what many consider a controversial political image on a good product and make simply its use even if only for uncontroversial subjects politically loaded? When there are people like me who just like to try a good Reddit alternative?

You are ofcourse free to do whatever, I just don’t want to get labeled this or that by others simply for using a product.

Yes, you can delete your account, go to your profile, you have there a button to do it.


There is a huge button in your profile. k thx bye.


Honestly it sounds like you should just stay on Reddit, as that’s what you’re asking for in effect. Or try Voat. 😂

You don’t get to have an open source, federated alternative to Reddit which is explicitly anti-fascist and against data tracking and surveillance capitalism without being “political”.

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