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ahh i wasn’t able to find pavucontrol but it connected after i repaired the audio is so quite and i have them on 100%

Been having trouble using apples airpods pro on manjaro linux it’s seems like when they do wanna connect no audio goes through them. Does anyone know how to set them up or if linux even has support for them?..

you just need 1 raspberry pi to run pi hole and there are many lists with the ad/tracking/telemetry domains for roku and amazon fire tvs

Yeah no I get like 40,000 plus queries blocked a day just from the TVs we own like 4 though so 🤷‍♂️

And what’s worst is when your setting up the tv, they make you not block the domains cause they bind the terms of service you have to accept at the start with the domains. Similar to how Tesla does telemetry with their cars. Tesla binds music steaming and telemetry, etc

Well I got the TVs for free so it’s a steal other wise I would have went with something more privacy friendly

Yeah also be sure to setup ssh 👍 I’m planning on making a script or something to make it auto update on x time

Quantum computers will change everything once they come mainstream

So the usps filed a patent to add blockchain technologies to mail-in voting to prevent double voting and etc security. What are your guys thoughts on this? Me personally I see mixed results. …

Yeah reddit nuke seems to work well

Funding to keep the project alive, everything costs money. And yes influencers bring people and people talk to people and so on.

yeah i’m really hoping to see lemmy succeed to, it’s always hard for early starting projects cause a big deal breaker is funding. And you can’t get funding if their is no user base. The best way to get user base is through influencers though get 1 influencer on the platform the rest follow like sheep

gotta understand lemmy is still a beta, and has a lot of potential moving forward. Although you are right about reddit having a better UX and web-design, but subs come with users, the more users the subs. Adoption only happens with pioneers. But one field lemmy does do good is privacy as it’s decentralized and soon to be connected to fediverse

This is why you should never get a smart tv especially from Samsung, like what even is all this… They need analytics for every single component in the system lol …

So i recently download this app called musi to listen to music in the background something youtube can’t do unless you pay for youtube whatever, anyway i noticed that it pulls audio from youtube but it doesn’t use the youtubes player. So i was wondering if anyone knew if it’s similar to invidio.us? …

Good peertube channel recommendations?

If you guys are looking for a good security and privacy peertube account check out techlore’s channel. But i would like to know what channels you guys recommend to subscribe to …

they did but facebook quickly patched the “bug” so did tiktok

ios 14 shows mic and camera use and no it’s not a bug

Cause at the time I wasn’t in the privacy scene, don’t worry will be getting a pixel 4a with graphene os 😉

Fixing those icons for starters and yes sometimes it shows you not logged in

So I was browsing YouTube and I noticed it was listening to the mic while just watching videos, looking at the trending page, etc. I’m on iOS 14 so I don’t have access to f droid store wish I did but it’s Apple. …

Yeah idk I just use Reddit nuke extension then changed my email a couple of times etc. then I pressed delete account

It’s a hard switch but it takes pioneers to bring the masses

Need one for iOS

I deleted account and deleted all posts/overrided comments

Today marks my first day on lemmy after leaving Reddit after 3 years, I already like the platform I just wish their was a mobile app, and wish the mobile web support was a bit more polished but i understand it’s still in it’s earlier stages…

Just wanted to let y’all know the thinkpad t14s runs great on linux, currently using manjaro kde on 5.8 kernel all the keys work, backlight works, camera, mic, etc. The only issue I’ve ran into is when restarting the laptop doesn’t remember what the last preset for the backlighting was but I’m sure …