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‎"Best free music player app and I’ve tried all of them" - FaisalBeanzi "Best music experience I have used on the App Store to date!" - Lupini66444 Musi lets you stream and organize music directly from YouTube, build playlists, share music with friends, and more. Musi can also stream onto any AirPl…

So i recently download this app called musi to listen to music in the background something youtube can’t do unless you pay for youtube whatever, anyway i noticed that it pulls audio from youtube but it doesn’t use the youtubes player. So i was wondering if anyone knew if it’s similar to invidio.us?

Not really. Without talking about the legitimacy of the software, and the terms of service of it


(It’s pretty bad)

Invidious allow for your hosted instances (Or public ones) to act as a proxy, to prevent the actual user to contact googlevideos.com servers. Generally speaking, nothing wrong should happen if you just contact those googlevideos.com domains, as they only just provide the requested content, but the less you talk with G, the better. Also, this app ain’t open-source obviously, so of course we can’t know if it minimizes some YouTube calls, or if it doesn’t.


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