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It’s listed here : https://github.com/NanoAdblocker/NanoCore#notable-changes Mainly small tweaks directly based on uBlock origin, and direct support to Nano Defender, which is, a module for uBlock origin (And forks of it) to bypass some anti-adblock counter-measures.

Firefox doesn’t block all of it, and the same extend of Privacy Badger or Privacy Possum for example. However, they tend to block those who doesn’t break webpages.

Thankfully, the OS can be easily changed (And, that’s voluntary). The only real difference hardware wise, is the cover at the back with the manjaro branding. Something that you can easily replace with a blank one on their store. I personally prefer UBports, I don’t like pureOS UI (Can’t remember how it is called). SailfishOS is nice too, but the UI is closed-source, and doesn’t get a lot of dev support.

Not really. Without talking about the legitimacy of the software, and the terms of service of it


(It’s pretty bad)

Invidious allow for your hosted instances (Or public ones) to act as a proxy, to prevent the actual user to contact googlevideos.com servers. Generally speaking, nothing wrong should happen if you just contact those googlevideos.com domains, as they only just provide the requested content, but the less you talk with G, the better. Also, this app ain’t open-source obviously, so of course we can’t know if it minimizes some YouTube calls, or if it doesn’t.

The worst with those, is that they NEVER stop trying to call home when you block them. You better block those entries. The SmartTV ones are inclued in many Pihole compilation lists, but you can take that one to block it on your network via your router for example : https://github.com/Perflyst/PiHoleBlocklist/blob/master/SmartTV-AGH.txt (Also available as a host list).

I habitually stay with either Nightwave Plaza (https://plaza.one) when I tend to want something more calm. It’s a vaporwave centered radio, with some synthwave and future funk titles from times to times. I also quite like some available selections on Jet Set Radio (https://jetsetradio.live). Obviously inspired by the radio of the game of the same name, It got tons of other radio selections. Quite recommend the summer one they currently have.

LibreWolf essentially started as an active fork of the now staled LibreFox ( And no, It didn´t staled for copyright reasons apparently ) Pretty nice privacy config, all together. My go-to suggestion.

Speaking of MicroG development, /e/ announced supporting financially Martin directly on MicroG and started becoming an advisor for MicroG inclusion in /e/. https://e.foundation/e-foundation-announces-official-support-of-microg-development/?lang=fr

So ironical of them, from pointing at Apple for being the bad one. Yes, this is pity of Apple of imposing this sort of monopoly, however, Epic Games are especially to blame here because not only the rules are the rules (What did you expect when you’ve published your apps on THEIR services), but also, from being a company partially Tencent owned, you far from calling someone ELSE from contributing to create a ¨1984¨ monopoly when the Chinese government are literally one of the most privacy and liberty offending regimes.

I prefer using bpytop. It’s basically a python port of bashtop, in case maybe you don’t like stuff in bash (Not my case). https://github.com/aristocratos/bpytop

Indeed. As updated in the article, the situation was shortly resolved, due to YouTube incompetence. Still, They’ve opened their own Peertube instance in case this happens again in the future. https://video.blender.org

Especially the DNT recommendation, as they literally point out that many providers don’t respect it. A bit too light of an article I’ll say. Especially since it’s basically an ad for their Utopia web browser thing.

The CAPTCHA is actually worse than CloudFlare’s. CF uses hCAPTCHA while Qwant-Microsoft uses Google reCAPTCHA (which is more privacy abusive).

They do? Last time I’ve used Qwant in TOR, I’ve mainly had shape recognition type of captcha, nothing like the reCaptcha ones.

Knowing that it was acquired by Facebook, was a no-brainer for me to ditch that service.

The proposition, is to block all Cloudflare hosted websites. While the proposition is here for privacy, and anti-monopolisation of Cloudflare attitude by boycott, It doesn’t have anything to do with the Tor network itself.

Completly blocking services just because they treat badly the user privacy, or browsing attitude (Using the Tor Browser, Adblockers etc…) isn’t the main goal of the Tor network, Tor browser, Tails or any of their projects that´s related to this issue.

Also, actually blocking stuff seems to make you more unique, hence the non-presence of LibreJS or adblockers type of extensions or protection built-in, despite being beneficial for the most Tor Browser users.

Same goes for some malware/trackers blocklist built-in the Tor relays.

It’s quite ironic of Mozilla, relying a lot of its current revenue on G itself. I particularly now understand the experimental ways they are developing to cut themselves from that dependency with the Firefox Private Network and Better Web.

I suppose you can try alternative ways like from the folks at c/IPFS http://docs.ipfs.io.ipns.localhost:8080/how-to/host-git-style-repo But obviously, this might be a bit disruptive with most users who aren’t used to it.