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Planning on releasing as an installable userstyle ? If you haven’t of course, you could post on: https://userstyles.world/

Outside of thinking you shoulf never pay your content, i’m wondering what is your train of thoughts.

Tried it yesterday, after I’ve noticed they fixed their automatic builds links. Grand Theft Auto run flawlessly natively on my GNU/Linux desktop with it, with proper ultrawide display and all. Really an improvement over the “revert the updates and mod the game” way. Haven’t seen that the Vice City branch was already in a playable state. Will test it as well. Until openRW is finished, this is really the better way to play those game for me.

Note that /e/ also maintain lineageOS builds which are nowhere officially supported by the lineageOS team, such as an another sold pre-installed phones, the herolte/hero2lte (Typing that message with one BTW).

There was also a “Modern Mario” work on the sm64 port discord server. Not maintained anymore, but everything is all here and downloadable.

Nice. I should try to found some time to maintain actively my nick’s G blocklist anytime soon too. I’ll compare with it later. https://github.com/nickspaargaren/no-google

Microsoft : Are we the bad guys ? Nah, it’s the community who are wrong.

Image hosting/CDN. Pawoo.net seems more like what that other individual said, as it is an actual Japanese mastodon instance.

In French too, as used for the same term “pédale”. I agree entirely with you. Still leave the final point to an human.

Actually, It’s : ArcoLinuxD GNU/Linux or ArcoLinuxB GNU/Linux or ArcoLinuxIso GNU/Linux or ArcoLinux GNU/Linux

according to : https://arcolinux.info or https://www.arcolinuxiso.com or https://arcolinux.com or https://arcolinuxd.com or https://arcolinuxb.com

(Or it could be hefftorlinux which reverted to the ArcoLinux grub default settings according to https://hefftorlinux.net)

Would especially recommend to donate, or use one of the supported APIs if you can. The public shipped sound API is often timed out due to active abusers. It’s mostly for this reason is fails for me. Excellent application.

Skype client is even worse according to me, when speaking of video conferencing apps. The out of focus pop-up is so annoying (even if I only recently noticed it can be disabled), especially with tilling wm’s, since it reserve a space for itself. This tiny pop-up can’t be resized to make it more bearable, as a PiP window, and only make you use the main program window instead. Speaking of which, they still haven’t seems to figure out how to make their background webcam feature work. They know how to blur it, but not how to put selected pictures. Despite that, they added this option without testing it, making those buttons totally useless. And don’t get me started on the stupid Firefox user-agent block (Which can be bypassed with add-on too).

Then in that case, yes. I retire my point, and confirm that Solus is indeed a rolling-release distro.

I’ll say that Solus is not pretty not, a rolling-release distro now. They took quite a while to package Kde plasma 5.20. Still a great distro, especially for beginners thought. I´ve switched to Arch for that, and the AUR really only.

It’s listed here : https://github.com/NanoAdblocker/NanoCore#notable-changes Mainly small tweaks directly based on uBlock origin, and direct support to Nano Defender, which is, a module for uBlock origin (And forks of it) to bypass some anti-adblock counter-measures.

Firefox doesn’t block all of it, and the same extend of Privacy Badger or Privacy Possum for example. However, they tend to block those who doesn’t break webpages.

Thankfully, the OS can be easily changed (And, that’s voluntary). The only real difference hardware wise, is the cover at the back with the manjaro branding. Something that you can easily replace with a blank one on their store. I personally prefer UBports, I don’t like pureOS UI (Can’t remember how it is called). SailfishOS is nice too, but the UI is closed-source, and doesn’t get a lot of dev support.