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Challenge your preconceptions, or they will challenge you, Vulcans say.

Lobbying, especially from agricultural and tourism groups within the EU.

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I would argue that the vast majority of people who invest in any retail market are inevitably loosing money, no matter whether it’s crypto or fiat.

"While we found that 50% of people wanted penalties increased, there was nearly 80% support for increasing prosecution numbers," a researcher says.

Aha. Danke, das war mir bis jetzt entgangen.

Guter Artikel. Ein nicht ganz unbedeutendes Deatail für Cloudflare dürfte auch sein, dass sie Daten verkaufen, u.a. an die US-Regierung. Es scheint, dass es hier nicht nur um Schutz geht.

2016 erzählte Matthew Prince der BBC über die Anfänge von Cloudflare:

Mr Prince … got an unexpected phone call from the US Department of Homeland Security asking him about the information he had gathered on attacks. Mr Prince recalls: "They said ‘do you have any idea how valuable the data you have is? Is there any way you would sell us that data?’. "I added up the cost of running it, multiplied it by ten, and said ‘how about $20,000 (£15,000)?’. “It felt like a lot of money. That cheque showed up so fast.” Mr Prince, who has a degree in computer science, adds: “I was telling the story to Michelle Zatlyn, one of my classmates, and she said, ‘if they’ll pay for it, other people will pay for it’.”>

Quelle: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-37348016

Yes, that’s practically the same ressource. The map is just to select a country. Once you have chosen one, you are redirected to the site you posted :-)

Sometimes (as in the case of El Pais) you can get around the paywall by disabling Javascript.

When I see that the family next door gets robbed, raped and murdered, I do what I can to help them. This is not only in their but also in my interest, because then I may reasonably expect that the society would also help my own family should they have to experience the same hell. I don’t want to live in a world where someone can commit the worst crimes and no one cares because “it is not in their interest”. I guess that’s part of what is called civilization.

I’m not supporting this politician, but the video sections give a VERY biased view of what she really said. This is completely out of context. Biased articles citing the video were first published by Bild Zeitung and Die Welt, two German newspapers published by Springer Verlag. In the meantime there reports (mostly in German) criticising these articles.

There’s of course nothing wrong with critical journalism, but this is no journalism at all imo.

Thousands of leaked files have exposed how Uber courted top politicians, and how far it went to avoid justice.

Alongside financial education, digital fiat money "can boost efficiency and serve the country".

There is no way for the surveillance to be bypassed, the company says. The roll-out is planned in Germany.