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Sometimes (as in the case of El Pais) you can get around the paywall by disabling Javascript.

When I see that the family next door gets robbed, raped and murdered, I do what I can to help them. This is not only in their but also in my interest, because then I may reasonably expect that the society would also help my own family should they have to experience the same hell. I don’t want to live in a world where someone can commit the worst crimes and no one cares because “it is not in their interest”. I guess that’s part of what is called civilization.

I’m not supporting this politician, but the video sections give a VERY biased view of what she really said. This is completely out of context. Biased articles citing the video were first published by Bild Zeitung and Die Welt, two German newspapers published by Springer Verlag. In the meantime there reports (mostly in German) criticising these articles.

There’s of course nothing wrong with critical journalism, but this is no journalism at all imo.

Thanks, in the meantime also the version from fdroid works again.


To some media things like privacy and data protection appear to be just the next best topic to increase the click rate. Am I the only one who finds that weird?

Reducing VAT and other consumption taxes are unlikely to be passed on to consumer prices as most businesses use VAT cuts to improve their financials. There is a lot of research-based evidence across many industries about that. Many studies have even found that once the VAT reductions end, consumer prices tend to increase to a level higher than they were before the VAT cut.

The user Zerush here on Lemmy suggested https://andisearch.com some time ago. I have been using it for some months as my primary engine and I get very good results. My second choice is Mojeek and sometimes searx.ebnar.xyz

Thousands of leaked files have exposed how Uber courted top politicians, and how far it went to avoid justice.

Mesh networks maybe? I’m not sure what you’re looking for.

They would scan the data before it gets encrypted. IWF’s major donors like the ones you just listed are the same that would benefit economically from this dystopian garbage, and it would be a next step towards privatization of the police. I guess this is a horror book unfortunately.

Alongside financial education, digital fiat money "can boost efficiency and serve the country".

There is no way for the surveillance to be bypassed, the company says. The roll-out is planned in Germany.