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Your post title is COMPLETELY different to what the article says.

The article title is “Google to overhaul ad tracking on Android phones used by billions”. Overhauling - not removing.

The problem I have with that is that it finds all YT vids and doesn’t have a section just for shorts.

That makes sense, thanks for your reply!

Are virtual cards not pointless?
When you buy something online, you obviously need to give your card details, which are tied to you. Virtual cards solve that, but, in the UK (and I think most places) you also need to provide a **billing address**. I don't think virtual card providers give you a masked billing address and I doubt you will be able to use a PO box with most banks to try and prevent fraud. Because of this, can online purchases still be linked to you even with virtual cards?

Anyone know it there is a privacy-friendly YT Shorts frontend?
I doubt there is as its quite specific but I want an Android app that works similarly to the shorts tab in the official YT app but without all the trackers, ads, algorithms, etc. Kinda like NewPipe, but with a nicer way of browsing shorts. There is YT Vanced but I don't know if that removes YouTube/Google's trackers or not. If anyone can help that would be awesome!

Yeah, most companies don’t care unless they can make money out of it. Which normally involves saying stuff but doing nothing.

I like Brave with DDG as it is relatively simple and doesn’t break loads of sites. I also use the uMatrix extension to block 3rd party JS, this means most sites work fine with their own JS but any other JS is blocked by default.

I quite like the “Privacy Redirect” extension, it does the same thing as this but for many services such as Nitter, Bibliogram, Invidious, etc

No, VeraCrypt only offers full-disk encryption on Windows

Awesome! Still waiting for a dedicated GPU though…

Currently, it is a higher priority. But I don’t think it should be. Or rather, the ways they attempt to ensure the nation’s security should change.

Countries don’t need a military or at least not such a developed military. Likewise, the surveillance isn’t a great idea and has many problems, I would argue more problems than benefits.

Edit: I also don’t know how firing loads of missiles and driving massive tanks can be “net-zero”. Without offsets of course

Awesome list!!

Just had a quick look and found out about aether, it looks quite cool!

Agreed, their website could be better. I had to go to Linktree to find out what they both do

I don’t understand why people are saying what they are about Techlore. It is a great channel, run by an amazing group of people. The people commenting clearly don’t know anything about Techlore as if they did, they would know that everything they are saying makes no sense.

The last link you added was in English for me

I like Nano purely because its quite environmentally friendly.

The privacy benefits of Monero are great, but I’m not a fan of POW blockchains due to unavoidable environmental damage.

In theory, yes, an algorithm that shows me the posts I will like most seems great. However there are many obvious problems with big tech’s implementations.

For better privacy I’ll just use their website, but love the idea!

Please make sure to post how it goes! Super curious

Not FOSS, but I just use DuckDuckGo’s translator which uses Microsoft translate but has some privacy protections in place by DDG.