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Yes unfortunately the package maintainer doesn’t seem to be very active :( https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/lemmy_ynh/issues/7


A good free alternative to Trajan. It has no lowercase, but can be used for titling for example. …

I found this tool on GIthub (Gridea) which seems to be excellent (maybe it lacks some translation for the menus but it is totally what I imagined for Pelican)

I didn’t know you could generate static sites with Grav, I’ll try, thanks.

A graphical interface for Pelican (static site generator)

I really like static site generators like Pelican, Hugo etc… My problem is that you have to use it with command lines in a terminal and you have to remember the commands to use it which is not at all easy for a normal person, at least it’s not easy for me, every time I forget the commands and so …

A tool to easily share an excerpt of podcast

Sometimes I listen to a podcast and want to share an excerpt of an interview, or a short passage with friends. Unfortunately, you have to do several long and tedious operations, download the podcast, cut it, host it somewhere and then share it. It’s long and it discourages to do it. …

Yes you are probably right. I’m not a developer but I wonder if web scraping could work. The problem is that the way sites display content under paywall can differ from one media to another, so you would need different scraping methods for each media in this case I guess.

In the case where it is the users who report the pages under paywall via a small button of the add-on, it is perhaps simpler to do. And I know it already works because I use the SponsorBlock add-on which works a bit like this, but to report sponsored passages in videos.


An add-on that would detect links redirecting to paywalls

It’s very annoying to click on a link that takes us to an article containing a paywall. Unfortunately we never know it in advance. We generate traffic for the sites, we expose ourselves to advertising and we can’t read the article, it’s a waste of time. It would be nice to have some kind of add-on f…

"We are planning to move our Mastodon account to another server: #Fosstodon You can follow it now: @funkwhale@fosstodon.org …

The SORA typeface was designed to capture SORAMITSU’s spirit and heritage and is highly optimized for user interfaces. The outcome is a type family with cues of low-resolution aesthetics and early screen typography but without nostalgia, as every decision was considered towards the crisp digital env…


Another idea related to this one. We could imagine that we could have personalized morse codes created from encryption keys. So we could send private messages and nobody could read them with the application except the recipient because you use his public key ^^

An application to read morse code by analyzing the live video or audio stream

It could be interesting to have an application that once launched would analyze the live video or audio of the smartphone and if it detects rhythms or variations (for example a flash that pulses • • • — — — • • • ), the application would translate it into text “SOS”. …

"It is our mission to put you back in control over your data. While not everybody can run their own Nextcloud server, hundreds of thousands of people do. Making it easier for them to keep their data safe is important. If you are one of them, Nextcloud Backup is for you! …

A Sponsor Block service for Podcasts

I don’t know if you already know the Sponsor Block add-on ( https://sponsor.ajay.app/ ) that allows users to tag the parts of a youtube video that contain sponsored content but also the self-promotional parts, the long useless introductions or the beginning and end credits. Then other users who watc…

You can now install easly your Lemmy instance with Yunohost <3 …


Yes it’s great, I understand it’s an Otter Fork because development was at a standstill.

About the app : https://funkwhale.audio/en_US/apps/funkwhaleandroid

I haven’t bought it yet but apparently I have. It comes with the OS by default: InfiniTime

It is indicated on their Wiki: https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/PineTime#Default_OS

Otherwise there are several videos on YT of the unboxing if you want to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iai6I_myhno https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo1s2Dor3Oo

Funkwhale for Android

“In case you missed the news: Our #Android App for #Funkwhale is now available at the official #FDroid repository. Get it and tell us what you think!” by Official Funkwhale account on Mastodon…

Hi @humanetech@lemmy.ml thanks for the link to the discussion, I’m interested in reading it.

For me it was a great exercise that I really enjoyed doing. I use a lot of fediverse applications daily and I wanted to contribute in my own way. Then I am unable to predict what the community will prefer use, I respect their decision in any case.

Thank you @IngrownMink4@lemmy.ml , yes you are right the typography is the Inter.

Thank you @vis4valentine@lemmy.ml , I am happy if the community likes it ^ _ ^

Hello @riccardo@lemmy.ml , I wanted to explore another graphic track than the one of the network which was already used by the current symbol. The flag is generally used as a unifying symbol. Not only for countries but more generally, it can be cities, regions, groups of countries (EU) or groups of values (UN).

Thank you for answering ^^

Hello everyone, I know that there is already a symbol to represent the fediverse (the small star that symbolizes the network) but as a graphic designer I wanted to try to make a proposal, it was a good exercise ^^ I hope the community likes it…

Do not read this comment

Nimbus Sans L

Nimbus Sans L is a version of Nimbus Sans using Adobe font sources. It was designed in 1987. The family includes 17 fonts in 5 weights and 2 widths, with Nimbus Sans L Extra Black only available in condensed roman format. …

TeX Gyre Termes

The package contains the most recent version of the TeX Gyre Termes family of fonts in the PostScript Type 1 and OpenType formats. TeX Gyre Termes is based on the URW Nimbus Roman No9 L kindly released by URW++ Design and Development Inc. under GFL (independently of the GPL release accompanying Ghos…

TeX Gyre Heros

The package contains the most recent version of the TeX Gyre Heros family of fonts in the PostScript Type 1 and OpenType formats. TeX Gyre Heros is based on the URW Nimbus Sans L kindly released by URW++ Design and Development Inc. under GFL (independently of the GPL release accompanying Ghostscript…

I specified in the community presentation what I meant by (private) or (public). Thanks for your comment. I think I’ll leave it as it is for now, it seems simpler. But if other people point this out we can discuss a better nomenclature.

Hi, thanks for your comments.

Regarding the semi-private, I’m not sure.

For me Private means that you don’t have access to the database and you need an account to download. Usually this goes together with a ratio system. Sometimes the registrations are closed, sometimes open.

Public on the other hand means that you don’t need an account to access the database and download .torrent or magnet files.

It seems to me that public/private is appropriate. This one uses a ratio system for example.

What would semi-private mean to you? That you have to create an account but there is no ratio?

I don’t have an example of this that comes to mind… I don’t know if it’s common?

Yes, that’s what I mean by “private”, you have to have an account to search and download torrents ^^

ohhh, sorry. I had misunderstood ^^