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  • use a Ratio system… [Private] [Music] [RU]

They use a ratio system as well. …

5 [Public] [General] [Int]

BitTorrent DHT search engine…

bthaha [Public] [General] [Int]

Torrent Search Engine based on DHT protocol…

Piratebay (.onion) [Public] [General] [INT]

The famous Piratebay is not presented anymore. Here is the address (.onion) reachable via Tor Browser. … [Private] [General] [FR]

Private torrent tracker using a ratio system. Registrations are open…

A place to share our favorite torrent websites.

Please indicate if the website is [private] this means that you need an account or an invitation to download a .torrent or [public] which means that we have free access to the torrents.

The general language [INT] for international or [FR] [EN] [DE]

If the tracker is specialized [Music] [Movies] or [General]

If it asks for an invitation to join, add: [Invitation]

Example: domain.tld [Public] [General] [INT]

Other Example: domain.tld [Private] [Movies] [FR] [Invitation]

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