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If you can host your own instance, wouldn’t that mean that you can upload whatever content you want? Right, left, libertarian, no-politic, etc…?

Though if it doesnt federate is better to stick with lemmy though is strongly left leaning but is gettin quite diverse in all ways

Agree 100%, as a rule of thumb, if you agree on almost all that you see in your instance or with your peers, and you don’t experience some level “being triggered” rest assured you are on an ecco chamber. But is true that sometimes you want some really specific content, that is when it is useful a non generalistic instance.

That name, that just made my day

“I’ll wear them down.”

Is there any alternatove protocol?

P2P social networks would be any good in that regard? 🤔

The “why?” Section is wrong, let me correct it


Because I can.


You better argument is based in when the ancap term was coined? Also you seem kind of in foght or fly mode, man, you are not going to win amy aword figting on internet with a random guy, don’t make this a homo sapiens version of two chimps throwing shit to each other.

400 years is plenty more than some red examples I must say, and with orders of magnitud less people to defend it, so that look like a overwelming succes for some pesants half starved.

The fact you read the article is something that kind of make up for the tribal defending you do of your believes, and even more if you have more questions now, would be far more productive and interesting if you just share them. In fact will be really interesting since your perspective will undoubtedly be different and so will do you questions.

Anyhow, I honestly enjoy a book recomendation despite the context, so 👍 tks.

Lol, the fun part is that I actually thought I was talking to someone who ise that fleshy blob of meat insode his head.

Go read human action before triying to battle it with a book with an oxymoron in the title. Is kind of pointless, you ignore the theorem of the imposibility of socialosm stated by Hayek, amd call it high scool level jajaja you are funny dude, please, never change xD

Really nice comment, mostly the last two paragraph.

Although in my experiences is the oposite with the “right-wing” of the subject, the more intellectual formation, deeper economic undertanding, more anarchist tend to be the people, and they also agree with what you said:

“That’s because left-anarchism has more in common with capitalism than it has with communis”

I will add that from the ancap perspective, governament is not equal to state. A government is ok so far it is accepted voluntarily, in contrast, the state is always imposed using violence.


Cospaia city (now part of Italy), almost 400y of ANCAP organization, untill ot was anexed by Italy near the 1800s. One of the top tobacco producers of his time, and relatively more prosperous than all his neibours.

Not bad for a tiny city with a population of 300~600.

It even didn’t have prision nor police, no cohertion was needed to bring it to existence, no war, a bit of good luck and one really bad surveyor mapping the land.

Cuba, Vietnam, China… ther is a difference in being sucessfull and just “being” I won’t say they are succesful now, and in the long run I believe they will end to exist, one or two generations after us probably.


The base of capitalism is freedom of choice and assosiation, and you are literally posting on a platform that emerged out of people acting in freedom, that is capitalism too

We literally went from being hunted down by lions to conquer the world with a stone attached at the end of a stick, tell me about being unorepeared… people dont have an idea of how prepeared they are if they act in freedom

Really? Would that imply too much of code re-writing?

I’ll take a look at the WebRTC thing, thanks

The whole study doesn’t take into account individual preferences, it asumes that if someone has some amount of food/water/money/… etc is happy and ok, and then checks if that can be achived usin less than an arbitrary amount of energy.

Spoiler: people are different. Some would happily sacrifice any of the previously mentioned variables to achive something that they subjectively perceive as value.

Again, the fatal arrogance of believing that person “A” can know what is better for person “B”, even better than “B” itself. Another wet dream from the mind of a social engeneer

I wonder if that concept can be made in a distributed manner, like P2P

This seems the perfect place to ask this question. Is there any decentralized and/or federated platform, maybe a part of the fediverse as an alternative to mainstream and centralized platforms like ebay, amazon, aliexpress, mercadolibre, etc...?

Hey FOSS people, does anyone know if there is an alternative to Tapet app but open source? It is a simple app that procedurally generates beautyful material design backgrounds

Hey FOSS people, does anyone know if there is an alternative to Tapet app but open source? It is a simple app that procedurally generates beautyful material design backgrounds

I like the FOSS keyboards out there, but really bothers me that I'm force to have installed the default system keyboard (Gboard) in order to have someting to type my password with on startup Is it posible to install a custom keyboard app at a system level so it behaves like my preinstalled Gboard now and fully replace it?

In short, is there any FOSS alternative to tinder or an alternative client?