My advice to new comrades and perhaps old comrades.
You know, I wasn't sure where to post this -- not serious enough for communism, too serious for memes, and this became my in-between choice. I don't want to claim this is anything but my own lessons learned as a party member for over 2 years now (possibly 3? I stopped counting). But I've seen an upsetting trend of class reductionists (even if they won't admit it) that think workers are all reactionary & cishet. That somehow the 16yo cashier with a rainbow dye is not a worker, or that the . So I figured if they can give their own "advice", then I'm allowed to as well. 1- don't assume you know more than anyone else, approach them with the POV they have something to teach you 2- join a party and contribute in any way you can. Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Join ML parties even if they have a line you disagree with on some things, because of the way these parties work. Join generally socialist parties only if there are no ML parties to join. 3- your communist identity is not your whole life, you're allowed to enjoy lib media and you should have hobbies and other stuff in your life. It's okay to take a step back once in a while. 4- The role of the communist party is very specific, and understanding this takes perhaps longer than understanding any other component of ML. The vanguard does not lead, it guides. Thus in your every day life you are also able to find opportunities. If workers at your place are complaining about schedules, there might be the opportunity to guide them towards real change. Discuss this with your party. 5- one small victory leads you to being more confident about future, more daring victories. 6- you're not the "communist friend" in the group. You're just the friend. You have fringe political opinions but you don't have to introduce yourself as a communist. Centrists don't introduce themselves as centrists, conservatives don't introduce themselves as conservatives. This new part of your identity shouldn't change who you are to your friends. However personally I always make sure to include some ideas when I talk to people. -- In doubt, you should ask: how does this benefit the revolution in my country? We benefit the revolution by educating the workers, making them class-conscious about their interests, and showing them that organisation does work. If you secure victories **with** them, no matter how small, they will start seeing that they actually have power to change things. I'm reminded of a campaign ran in another country by their party. The city wanted to make some parking spaces paid, which would be a financial burden on the people that worked in the city. The party organised a petition signing and then called all the signatories to show up at city hall on a saturday morning when they were debating the parking spaces. There were more than 300 people standing in front of city hall demanding that they drop the issue. The party did not go along, the party did not work from the shadows. They enticed the signatories to come along to show their strength and show them victory. To this day the parking spaces remain free.

Great Advice For Choosing The Perfect Toy
The relevant information below will definitely show you exactly how to find only perfect toy for your kids. Always abide by what the deal precautions when you are acquiring a plaything for your kid. You should be aware of strangling danger warnings.All playthings will certainly give you a rating about what age the little one ought to be before they have fun with the toy, therefore observe that. Search Craigslist for your little one. You may frequently locate delicately used toys on the market that remain in excellent health condition for you. You can easily produce some wonderful deals doing this. # Tips for Choosing Perfect Toy - Have a look at the rates for the toy that you really want. Net stores typically have packages on all the plaything your little one is actually truly wishing for. You may end up with huge cost savings and also have money abroad period. Online sales have a tendency to reduce rates as much as the vacations themselves. - Consider the age when acquiring a toy prior to buying it. Toys include generation in mind. When purchasing for toys, this grow older range ought to regularly be looked at. It is going to be challenging if you buy a kid a toy that he is actually certainly not aged adequate to delight in. It's also visiting be actually a problem if the youngster will certainly grow out of that plaything fast. Carry out certainly not spend a considerable amount of cash on playthings the kid will grow out of swiftly. - Merely ask your kid what playthings they desire will definitely give you several tips. Consult with your youngster just before buying a great deal of amount of money on playthings. - If you acquire perfect toy in this way, be sure to completely wash them just before you allow your kid to participate in with them. You don't recognize the areas the toys were actually and also what they have been actually through! - Try considering project-based toys when looking for children. Ant ranches and chemical make up or even scientific research packages, [coloring books for kids]( are actually likewise excellent possibilities. This are going to give your youngster find out. - Just before buying a used perfect toy, appear it over properly as well as do a simple hunt online to learn more concerning it. Older playthings may certainly not be as risk-free for your youngster to have fun with as newer styles. You need to be accountable as well as check for these factors. - Evaluation shop before you possess a perfect toy. You may locate a particular plaything more affordable at one retail store than at an additional. This a great deal in the on the web plaything outlets. Search for a website or even retail store to get the most ideal cost on various sites or at various outlets. - Watch out for recollects before purchasing perfect toy that you purchase. The vendor of a plaything could not even be actually recognized due to the individual marketing it. It is actually up just before that investment. Carry out a hunt first thing online hunt; it is very important for the protection of your child. - Little ones at particular grow older like to pretend play. A play kitchen locates them finding out how to prep meals.These are actually all terrific techniques children take their creativities. # Wrapping Up Think regarding the age when acquiring a plaything just before getting it. It will definitely be actually troublesome if you acquire a child a plaything that he is not aged adequate to take pleasure in. It's also going to be a complication if the little one will definitely grow out of that plaything quickly. Do not spend a lot of money on playthings the youngster will grow out of fast. Make an effort looking into project-based playthings when shopping for children.

Read the text here:

The author makes some very good arguments regarding fact checking websites and media in general (even if his views on vaccinations may be questionable). He also clearly doesnt know Marxism, but if you replace the "International Cabal of Gangsters" with the bourgeoisie, it is surprisingly accurate.

study from the video

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