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I have been using fennec from f-droid but will definitely try iceraven. Thank you again for the suggestion!

Governors Urge Biden To Order 100% Zero-Emission Car Sales By 2035

Electric/hydrogen vehicles aren’t really zero emission. Their emissions are at easier to control, generally more efficient facilities that are going to get “greener” in the future. …

Thank you to start. I will look at the alternatives to those for linux/lubuntu.

I dislike the idea that we have to make the world feel safer to everybody. The reason is that feelings are subjective and some people would feel safer in a world that is actually more dangerous (look at all the people who reflect positively about the safety of previous decades).

Transmission owners own transmission. Transmission operators operate transmission. Reliability coorfinators have a wide overview and exist to help keep the grid together.

Used Pixels go for less than $100 and can run lineageos.

QuantumScape’s share sale to fund solid-state battery production roils its market value

QuantumScape has issued a share offering to pay for an expanded pilot production line for its solid-state batteries just months after it became a publicly traded company via a reverse merger. …

Going to look at bromite and chromium. Have used kiwi in the past.

But transmission isn’t centralized, and can’t be centralized. Because its purpose is to transmit power from power generators (both centralized and decentralized) to (located elsewhere) loads.

I assumed the OP meant generation because the other way around doesn’t make sense.

I may also be thinking about the physical world with the OP thinking about ownership, but that makes even less sense. Transmission and generation should be paid for by the end users. Preferably in whatever way reduces their costs without making them a burden on other participants.

Maybe the statement is talking about centralized ownership for the purposes of economies of scale. Even that can be broken down to cooperative ownership as much of the less urban areas of the United States already are.

So distributed generation shouldn’t happen? As far as I know distributed generation is happening and it is likely to increase as time goes on. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_generation In general non-renewables should be centralized due to economies and efficiencies of scale but renewables almost have to be distributed due to the amount of space they take and localized weather effects.

My google and duckduckgo search results are also dominated by porn sites.

I think NFTs could be a great way to fund arts or charity. Especially if they can smart contract money to their cause with each transfer.

I personally don’t know how NFTs could really work as an investment mechanism because they aren’t a currency and their ties to artwork are about the same as reddit posts with the same URLs. If there isn’t an agreement under law giving people exclusive rigbts or monies from their NFTs then they are even more speculative than physical art.

Not saying they couldn’t work, just that I don’t comprehend the mechanism keeping people buying them at higher and higher prices.

Opinion: same thing should apply to other R&D too. You make a drug or vaccine using government money then you are limited to cost+ (meaning a small profit). Shortly after recouping your investment and a small profit the medicine becomes a generic and you have to compete on price for sales.

Software that produces electronic music to match a genre?

I am looking for a software to make music that maybe even goes as far as setting up a beat/some basic music based on genre that can be tweeked to produce different songs. …

Why should I use brave browser vs firefox on linux or fennec/duckduckgo browsers on android?

Newcomer to this forum.

I use the lubuntu lts. Does everybody else like lxqt or are there things you prefered lxde for?..