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Are you aware of lemmy.161.social? From what I can tell, it’s run by a German anarcho-communist and the instance has an antifa theme. Maybe we could migrate there and start an anarchist community on that instance.

Are you aware of lemmy.161.social? From what I can tell, it’s run by a German anarcho-communist and the instance has an antifa theme. Maybe we could migrate there and start an anarchist community on that instance.

Yeah well I wasn’t aware of that until quite recently. I gained interest in Lemmy only because it was a link aggregator which supports federation, and I am a promoter of federated services. I don’t see harm in using the software itself if anarchists go ahead with their own instance.

I wasn’t aware of that until very recently (the recent announcement post about it), although I don’t see what would be wrong with anarchists using the software for their own purpose. The software should be judged on its own merits and not by who develops it.

Thanks for this. It’s very easy for anarchists to get caught up in the affairs of authoritarian socialists because of the weakness of the anarchist movement. Once the anarchist movement is strong enough to achieve its own ends, new anarchists will not be as tempted by left-unity.

There are lone anarchists in most countries I think, but in the face of political repression and without an anarchist movement it’s necessary to subtly insert oneself in other movements like art, literature, and less revolutionary political movements like everyday labor struggles.

I don’t think it needs to be too clever. “blackflag.social” or something like that.

I would like more activity on !scheme@lemmy.ml

You’re allowed but for some reason MLs hang out in this forum and downvote anti-ML posts. Not really sure why but that’s how it is! Maybe the solution is just for anarchists to spin their own Lemmy instance. That would also let us have subforums specific to our community.

Federation with raddle would be great!

FYI there is a community called !opensourcegames

That is where we are right now, but it would be nice to have a full replacement for Facebook or Twitter. We will need the benefit of the network effect to move beyond a niche community. I would like to get to the point of using fediverse to connect to people IRL (and Jabber for instant messaging, etc.)

I think one cultural factor to this is that many people joined from Twitter due to insufficient moderation policies there, so they may be more sensitive to potential harassment.

I don’t know the answer, but I think it’s largely a matter of popularity. The fediverse does seem to be growing slowly, and I see more new communities popping up. One day hopefully it will be commonplace.

There is a strategy that allows anarchism to slowly be adopted by voluntary choice, called panarchism. It’s based on the exact observations you just made. Please read Panarchy, a Forgotten Idea of 1860 by Max Nettlau:


Relevant snippet here:

The frequently discussed question: “What ought to be done with the reactionaries, who cannot adapt to liberty?”, would thereby be very simply solved: They may retain their State, as long as they want it. But for us it would become unimportant. Over us it would have no more power than the eccentric ideas of a sect which are of interest to no one else. Thus it will happen, sooner or later. Freedom will break a path for itself, everywhere.

Apparently two people downvoted without replying… did I say something unconstructive? I thought we were having a good conversation.

I think we are getting into a difference of definitions here. I am specifically talking about political power; that of legislators, governors, judges, police officers, bosses, managers, clergy, landlords, etc. which gives them specialized responsibility for managing the lives of other people. Instead, people should have the generalized shared responsibility for the management of public society and full control of their private lives. When someone does have such specialized responsibility of management (“power” in my usage) it corrupts them in multiple ways. Just a few examples:

  1. There is the outright abuse of power for personal advantage.
  2. There is the perception that oneself is of higher moral value than the managed person.
  3. There is sometimes the necessity of using people as a tool to secure one’s own power.

Power, in the sense you are using it, is more like a synonym for potential or capability. If I understood you correctly, we are actually in agreement and are just using the word in different ways.