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Friendly neighbourhood queer punk media activist and unpaid carer for partner with Long Covid. Member of IWW, Acorn. Also straight edge vegan.

Love: Linux, FOSS, films, pro wrestling, comics, coffee. Loathe: capitalism.

Based in Sheffield, UK.


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  • Oh, trust me, it’s the fault of Windows. It’s garbage. Linux all the way.

    I too have taught tech, to a lot of older people, and with substantial success. And I try to emphasise that “there are no stupid questions” - and that their concerns must be listened to, and understood.

    It can be very disheartening to hear these very valid concerns just because they’re using an overpriced piece of unethical garbage spyware as an operating system. All of these questions can also be answered with “Use Linux instead.” Indeed, a colleague of mine literally emphasises that the only reason she retains access to Windows at all is because our learners are using it still (and she plans to use Linux 100% of the time upon retirement).

    Because telling such users that “Windows handles it” with Defender or whatever often doesn’t cut it when they’ve been sold antivirus all their lives and have family and friends tell them they must spend (even more unnecessary) money on “top-notch” anti-virus software. I’d rather say “Linux handles it” than “Let Micro$oft handle it.”

    Telling them all programmes will make it clear when an update is available is much more daunting for them when they barely trust and/or understand a lot of notifications they get anyway, when they could literally be using a Linux software centre that resembles what they use on their smartphones.

    Simply informing them that - rather than said software centre - they need to go to the website for the programme to download an exe file, is unhelpful when they do a search for a programme to use and get different search results.

    I wish it took them 3 seconds to disable disgusting ads in their taskbar that they never asked for on their operating system and lends nothing to their user experience, but sadly it takes them much longer, assuming they do of course remember how to do it since last time, seeing as this trash seems to reappear.

    Telling them which browser to use without first explaining browsers and enabling them to make informed decisions is, in my view, morally questionable. And yet speaking of which, Micro$oft apps frequently do just that.

    And what else I’ve realised? If we teach so that people can make informed decisions, with patience, in plain language, Linux will have a larger user base.

    Because people, at their core, are good. Digital capitalism doesn’t sit well with people. They distrust these big data-gathering, closed-source, greedy corporations.

  • Jay Baker (he/they)toPrivacyWhy Linux Beats Windows (Video for Normies)
    11 months ago

    It started off well enough, but then it began talking about “left-wing propaganda” being promoted by Microsoft - an inherently right-wing capitalist corporation - and instantly lost all credibility. I expected it to degenerate into Covid denialism and tinfoil hat-wearing antisemitic conspiracy theories and tropes. Hardly a way to win over “normies” by sounding like an absolute freak in the first place.

    Edit: Just checked and to be fair, the entire instance describes itself as “content on liberating your electronics from the tyranny of left wing Big Tech surveillance.” God that’s some mental gymnastics right there: left-wing capitalism. Please read a book.