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This. Not to mention all the times each week I witness ambulances struggling to get across town because of all the traffic…tragic.

That’s because the more you toot, the better you feel!

I just laughed out loud at this for about five straight minutes…oh god, just brilliant.

No harm intended, sorry.

I guess I like that they at least express some commitment to the open source ethos. Self-hosting is of varying importance to many of us, but I’ve found it useful. Different strokes for different folks!

I’ve welcomed Singlelink, and have used them. Not all of us can rustle up “just a few lines of HTML+CSS”! I’ve found Singlelink to be a small project and probably way less corporate than Linktree and AllMyLinks et al. My only issue has been being unable to reset my password, unfortunately! 😆

I’d never even heard of Vaush. But debates like these are important. Go Zoe!

Some of the sites listed as “distant” to power in that first link are quite interesting to say the least, though I suppose any such categories will always be flawed; it’s very complex and hard to put organisations into lists.

That’s good. Though as I explained in my link above, journalism can be professionalised, and of a very, very high standard - completely reliable in its sourcing - and still at the same time cherry-pick, omit, slant, and perpetuate narratives through an editorial agenda, as we’ve seen for decades.

I don’t usually post my own stuff on here, but I’ve been developing lists of relatively reliable media for several years - though it’s definitely difficult to define.

I wrote this critique of the media, where I also argue that the more appropriate term is “establishment media” rather than “mainstream media”: https://www.mediaactivist.com/media-activism/

You can also find the aforementioned list on my website (albeit embedded via the bird site!)

I actually agree with the different comments here - I found PrivacyGuides to be an improvement on PrivacyTools, but after learning about what had happened, I couldn’t bring myself to continue endorsing the former. I also get sick of seeing recommendation for things like Brave when we know their CEO Brendan Eich is a bigot previously ousted from Mozilla after his views became evident. Maybe some of us should start our own version altogether! One with an intersectional anticapitalist approach.

ProtonVPN has free options and an easy interface, though there are only a few servers available to connect to with the free plan.

Good point. It’s also really easy to bulletin similar information to, say, Mastodon, as it is their Twitter account! Plenty of other less tech-savvy organisations do this.

This is really comforting - especially as I’m a self-employed freelancer who has continually left traditional social media sites and moved more and more onto the Fediverse!

I’ve been using Proton Calendar since it became available, and have loved it. It keeps getting better and better. Whenever anyone asks me for a non-Google Calendar, I recommend this. I use /e/OS so haven’t used it via Google Play store either; I must have used either the /e/OS app store or Aurora - I can’t recall.

No idea! It’d be good to know, I agree!

Great! I should have probably said that eOS are selling the refurbed phones as Murena. The list of devices that eOS can go on is incredible, and there’s an “easy installer” that helps with the process for many. I’ve also found the system itself just so smooth and easy to use, with its own cloud service, on top of being deGoogled 🙂 Also privacy-focused and open source software - from a non-profit! 👍

I feel your pain! I switched to Murena from e.foundation so you can get a deGoogled refurb phone - or just install the eOS operating system on an older phone. Hope this helps or at least provides food for thought. https://e.foundation/

Wow. I feel like a fool - genuinely just started following Privacy Guides after buying into it as a “rebrand” of Privacy Tools. From this it becomes clear that this wasn’t the case. I had no idea, so thank you for sharing this.

I like Firefox for the most part but sounds like you might like Librewolf?

I don’t remember saying anything about that? I was talking about boycotts and divestments as strategies. I’m certainly not going to defend the Ukrainian state any more than I am the Russian state as somehow the poor little “oppressed” entity; that’s ludicrous (and kind of grotesque to compare Russia to Palestine…jfc). It’s the people I care about, not nation-states.

The Putin Regime is diabolical, of course. And divestments and boycotts helped bring down South Africa apartheid, so such actions they have their place. But I think what bothers a lot of people is the double standards of corporations doing business with, say, the likes of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who trample over human rights and whose brutality has created the worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It’s definitely worth debating the targeting and effectiveness (and consistency, or lack thereof) in such pulling of services.

Yeah, Brave’s CEO is Brendan Eich. That put me off right there. Mozilla aren’t perfect, but at least they kicked him to the curb.

That’s as fair a rationale as any! 😄

It’s interesting. It’s not as apolitical as Gabriel Weinberg makes it sound (because everything is of course political, including opposing disinformation). I’m not sure how DuckDuckGo codify this approach - for example, as terrible as the disinformation from Russia is, what do DuckDuckGo plan to do about the disinformation in the West? Or does that not bother them? Honest questions, by the way; I’m not claiming to know all the answers 🙂

I am a supporter of co-ops and also a Wobbly and was wondering this too but never bothered to ask - so thank you for doing so! A good question! I wonder what the rationale is?

No borders, no nations. The only war is class war.

I find tosdr.org is a useful website to pick apart terms of service to find out what sites and services are actually doing with our data. (I just checked and Tidal is included on the site, not sure how helpful that is!)

I’m so glad someone said this. It’s why I switched to LibreWolf, then more recently just straight-up tweaked Firefox. Mull on mobile.

Take a good old fashioned stink bomb after staying on your phone as long as you like.

What makes me laugh is the fact that many anti-Mozilla Foundation folks are pro-Brave. Yes: pro-Brendan Eich. We know what that means.