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Is MINIX still used as OS?

I’ve thinking and, before Linux, MINIX was the best operating system for students, and it even helped Linus Torvalds for creating it. Is it still used for educational or commercial purposes? Could you give aniy example?..

I tried but it doesn’t event work :(


Is there any Axolotl Android fork?..

Yes, I thought the most Unix-like os were BSDs, because there is no GUI by defect. But I mean, there are differences between them and I’d like to know which one of them is the most similar to the UNIX OS

Actually yes, but currently the source has been filtered and maybe we could make a new UNIX


I already know that but all the BSD distros have a different source code now, because of the copyright. But I mean, I’d a UNIX. A new UNIX with the original code and same features and programs, but maybe with new features and platforms, just like MINIX.

UNIX source code

Is there any source code of the originl UNIX? If it is, why is anybody using it for giving life again the first Unix?..

Most UNIX, Unix-like

I want to know what you think is the most UNIX similar OS to the original UNIX, about the User Interface, the commands, the way the programs work, etc…

Mmmm not really, if you like it is okay, but there isn’t a “best operating system”

Finally a place to talk about all Unix, instead of only Linux.

Thank you so muchos for this, I’ve been looking for it

I am this guy XD

Recommend Signal groups

What’s up guys?? I love Signal but have no groups to add, could you recommend some of them?..

I love this, I was looking for a Discord alternative (on alternativeto.com) but I couldn’t. Thank you so much for this, I’ll test it.

The problem is always that, no matter what it is, evento if it’s better. If people are usted to somethung, they won’t change it and I bate that :/

Signal user here!!

Hey everybody, how are you?? I’ve been uaing Signal for a few months and I totally love it. It is hard to try others to use so, how should I do it??..

Actually, I’d like. How can I contact you??

I fucking loved it, thanks forma sharing this.

Please, start shitposting…

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