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Its the most straightforward and causes the least amount of headaches for me

Love the weather effects and slightly futuristic aesthetics

Probably wont get it at launch though because EA

I guess people don’t have phones

Also fuck blizzard for banning blitzchung

This might be a random question, but is this considerred a ’dark pattern’? i.e. that clicking the big green button stops you from installing the app and Google designs it this way so that users who aren’t paying attention will click the highlighted button and cancel the install?

This might seem dumb, but does every pair of headphones need to be “smart” nowadays?

Is there anything wrong with using just Bluetooth or better yet, an AUX connection?

Am I in the minority here?

Ive really been getting into Bandcamp lately, I like how they pay their artists more and allow DRM free downloads when you buy an album

Kinda like GOG.com but for music I think

Would reccomend others to check it out

Gotta love that non FOSS setup, walled garden approach and planned obsolescence from Tim Apple tho

The way you describe it reminds me of JARVIS from the Iron Man movies

This could be so cool, only for the fact that its Google, it immediately gives me pause

Wish they would go back to their “Dont be evil” roots lol

Any idea why they chose libera.chat instead of something like matrix?

This might be a dumb question, but what does this do that Firefox doesnt ?

I have felt this in my soul going to work before

Thanks for bringing back all the memories OP !

Absolutely agreed. Give it time, hopefully others will see this too