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Does a wrench make us more lonely?

On this Giving Tuesday, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to post my journey getting involved with Linux kernel development…

To be fair, Proton’s hands were tied. It was either give up the customer data for a few customers or their business would have to be shut down for all the users relying on it.

In reality the activists made a crucial mistake of not using a VPN. If they used the Proton VPN in conjunction with Proton Mail they would have been safe.

Does KYC really rely on an I.P. Address?

I freelance for a living. Avoided a major freelancing site for a while but times are tight so I decided to finally take the plunge. …

Business-Minded Lemmers: what are good fiction books that taught you a lot or made an impact on your thinking?

I love reading! Probably way too much. I’m also an entrepreneur (er–wantepreneur I think they’re called?). …

I would look for a hosting provider that hosts servers outside a 5-eyes country (which is just about every western country, unfortunately). After doing A LOT of web searching I came across cloudsigma. They have servers in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. No, they haven’t paid me for this (although, cloudsigma, if you’re reading this…I’m your biggest fan!).

I’d give https://dnt.abine.com (also called Blur…not really sure what to call them) a look. It’s kinda like privacy.com but from what I can tell there’s more privacy and any card you create is client-side encrypted.

I presented an idea at the recent Linux conference. I think I probably botched the talk. :-(

In any case, the idea I was proposing was this…

Just hire people.

The current way of hiring is high risk low reward.

But if you initially hire someone for a small project as a 1099 that’s low risk high reward. Seeing how the handle a small project can indicate how they’ll handle a large one.

Not sure of a left solution…I suppose passing a law that limits the number of interviews a company can do; or creating a public hiring department so that all hiring decisions are decided at a state/local level and then passed on to employer; or shutting a company down if there are too many complaints about their hiring process…but I can imagine a lot of issues with these.

Kind of a long interview, but my first one for my blog. I realize my voice isn’t the most dynamic, but I hope James’ point got across. …

Kind of a long interview, but my first one for my blog. I realize my voice isn’t the most dynamic, but I hope James’ point got across. …

It can be very tempting to immediately jump on the “ban signal” bandwagon, but I think it would be wise to take a step back and understand where they’re coming from.

In reading the blog post their focus is on user privacy as their top priority. I don’t believe signal would make this decision without privacy in mind. What’s the alternative?

If spammers run rampant, Signal has a bigger privacy nightmare on their hands. Maybe by a miracle you got Grandpa to join you on signal. But a spammer then reached out to him with “hot young singles in your area” and Grandpa just had to click. Now suddenly Grandpa’s retirement savings are gone.

So I’m not saying it’s not worrisome. I’m saying let’s remain open-minded. After all, it’s nearly impossible to have 100% open source software in any stack. You’re either using an AMD or Intel CPU. They’re both closed source, but they allow you to interact with a privacy community.

Ah! Someone beat me to it! Haha. But this is a great idea. Always had mixed feelings about FF sync. Cool to see it can be self-hosted.

I use etesync. No, they’re not paying me.

Works like a charm! The web client still need work (it freezes my browser) but I can sync my calendars between Kontact & Android with no issue. Yes…calendars…one for work, one for home, one for events.

Plus, it’s e2e-encrypted!

Cost is $5/mo, but you can message them about your financial situation if you can’t afford it.

Excellent article! Truly.

In my failed product launches I’ve gotten advice from 2 groups:

  1. Successful non-technical founders who pushed for product validation & clear explanation of pain points…both of which aren’t necessary.
  2. People in technology who work on SaaS products who aren’t wanting to create anything new.

With the tech job market feeling very dry right now I think I might consider launching something small.

Sounds awesome. The site is taking a bit of time to load. Is it a heroku app?