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Game has procedurally generated worlds with overworld sprited Pokemon. Ground pokemon can dig, fighting pokemon can bulid things and smash boulders, water pokemon can surf, etc. Think of it like minecraft+pokemon.

What happens during and after launch? [This YouTube video will take you through launch steps and deployment](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlAAD0AgV54) or [this interactive guide from NASA](http://go.nasa.gov/webbdeployment). In short, it will be placed in an orbit around the [Lagrange Point known as L2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrange_point#L2) beyond the moon, tracking Earths rotation around the sun. This journey will take about 30 Earth Days. Calibration and testing will take about 6 months.

I know this is basically installing malware on the system, but this is one extra hurdle preventing users on the Linux desktop removed.

(responding in order of most importance, some not-on-topic rants)

I think it may be a good idea to encourage them to shop around for different instances on https://join-lemmy.org

I am hoping that users shop around on join-lemmy vs just coming to the ‘main’ instance. I also hope to have more users join open platforms to give them control to what they want to see and what they don’t want to see.

I said in the thread that the open platforms are a big concern to the misinformation machine because they need to reach out to as big as an audience as fast as possible before their stuff is debunked. They cry when their “free speech” is impacted because that gets people to click and bring up pitchforks, but that’s just another tactic they use.

It’s obvious Reddit doesn’t care about its community

Definitely, reddit is a company and companies only care about profit. This is one reason r/linux has over the years linked to primary sources instead of blogs and other link-jacking websites, once money comes into play it’s about the money and not about the community.

edit: oh they seem to be a mod of this community

I can probably be demodded or should remove myself (at least on !linux@lemmy.ml, some of the others I may stick with for fun). I was interested in the platform early on and wanted to test it out, but honestly I don’t have the time for the mod “life” and what I do on reddit isn’t going to be the same situation here. I’ll stick around on reddit to see what I can do about getting people onto more open platforms, but that probably won’t go on for much longer either. Being a mod here implies that I play favorites on which open platform to use but I don’t want that to be the case. Plus, it’s a distraction. I signed on Lemmy for the first time in awhile to see a user I banned from r/linux complaining about it. Modding here would just result in more of that BS which detracts from the community.

If they’re not going to take responsibility for the social damage they’ve caused so far by harboring and encouraging awful communities, then it’s high time Reddit stopped existing.

r/linux has a lot of people that push the boundaries of our rules and many of them participate in the same subreddits that are now banned by the admins. Without the current mod roster, alt-right/KiA users would have long since taken over the subreddit. The admins are NO help in this regard and the modtools have not improved in any appreciable way. I hope to encourage other communities to do the same, and on that thread at least one person is looking at Discourse.

Additionally, it’s hard finding people that want to mod r/linux and when you do, all mods get busy with the much more important real life. No one really wants to deal with the constant misinformation thrown around on reddit for no reward. I do feel requiring original sources has helped prevent a lot of misinformation and we don’t see the same situations we used to with systemd/kde/gnome, although they pop up time to time.

If you could stop following me around and harassing me that’d be great. Bye.

CC @AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml

@AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml - on the blogspam discussion, is this a case where I can start changing the URL to the right source? ZDNet is rarely the actual source for content. I’ve asked @strubbl@lemmy.ml previously why they aren’t linking to the direct source as they post slashdot often as well.

Edit: You know I could have sworn I could change submission URL on Lemmy, but can’t find the feature.

FYI: Jim Ward, voice of Captain Qwark, is of ill health. Please read more here and the official, direct method to donate to Jim and his family
"Many of you have wondered where our voice deity went. Well, he got sick. At first it was mild cognitive memory issue. Once he arrived at Silverado Beverly Place Memory Care, all was well but two weeks later he got the worst case of COVID imaginable. (He almost died numerous times). He was completely paralyzed and hospitalized for four months where he learned to eat again, walk again, etc. Jim’s now back at Silverado. Not close to how he was when he got COVID. It really set him back. But, the amazing thing about Alzheimers is part of the brain still functions normally. The other part - well, he has no memory, not from a year ago, a day ago, 10 minutes ago, 2 seconds ago. But he still plays harmonica, guitar, does voices and sings." Source with donation method via PayPal: https://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Ward/100028975344523/

Just curious, can you see my comment below where I linked both of those already? Just wondering if it’s not viewable for whatever reason.

This was by: u/HoundoomKaboom on reddit

Yeah, I don’t understand why someone would submit a link aggregator to a link aggregator. Makes me wonder if the blogspam discussion applies: https://lemmy.ml/post/60793

That said, linking to other discussions is welcome as a comment imo.

Removing blogspam increases quality, no question. I keep meaning to write better feedback for Lemmy with what I’ve learned over the years, but blogspam is a hot topic of mine so I’ve listed some thoughts here.

One addition to your list is insistent self-linking to the website itself at many points through the story, very little sources outside of themselves.

Blogspam usually copies or re-writes source content that is usually linked in the story. A big problem with Linux news are the re-writes of mailing list posts with added opinion.

On top of ads, referral links are common, especially by gaming and hardware blogs.

Finally, and it’s hard to describe, but a lot of blogspam sources have a cult following. If they take action to harass people because their content was removed, they should be banned entirely. I’ve had two website owners get their little cultists to harass me because their content was removed.

Welcome! I’ve been inactive but glad to see Pokemon community has grown!

Please open the GitHub as linked below or post in /c/lemmy_support. c/linux wasn’t the right place for this post.

Wife pointed out there’s still lots of buns from the last experiment so waiting a bit longer before I can get to these.