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oof. what’s happening here?

Which app are you talking about? StreetComplete is a super app to easily contribute to existing OSM features. With OsmAnd it is also possible to add businesses to OSM.

mimimimimi, this is also about M$. ugh! :D

I think there are people who have not the choice of their OS, but for them it is interesting to know about this possibility. It’s also a warning to Linux app developers, that maybe Windows users will raise bugs in future. This is a discussion which has no final yes or no - except you want to stay in your silo. Maybe a Linux-only community would be helpful then.

The topic of the article is about Linux GUI apps. From the community description I cannot see why it does not fit here. And yes, the other way round i would agree to post wine news also to the Windows community if Windows apps are the affected.

I do not think it is possible. Already for registering you need an account from FB, Google or OSM. If you create an account solely for logging in into KartaView, i think it’s kinda possible.

Photo metadata, you mean EXIF data? This is used and not removed AFAIK. License plates and faces (if any can be seen on a photo) are blurred during the processing step.

Do you also think it was good when you think about CentOS?

I am using Joplin on Desktop and Android and it synchronizes via Nextcloud

i cannot find the SilentNotes app on fdroid. the link gives a 404

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@strubbltoOpen SourceHello world

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at least 100. i have gbit down and 40mbit up

i would say the target reader is people who haven’t read all the other hundred other blogs

This looks like my next setup. Am currently running X, but i need to migrate soonish

There’s a quest, which is called “What street does the (house) number […] belong to?”. And it is easy to add the street name without typing. I have added once via clicking on the street in map. And one time it was possible to select it from a drop-down menu where it was the first item.