Karta and other variations of the word mean map in multiple languages, /kâːrta/ The year 2020 – packed with challenging events, strict circumstances, and with a tendency to redesign life as w…

I am a frequent OSM contributor, however I am hesitant to contribute photos to KartaView. I try to balance contributing to world knowledge with limiting the amount of personal information I share. Sharing photos of places I have been feels too personal. Other than avoiding reflections, is there anything else I could do to make myself as unidentifiable as possible in my photos? Can I trust the app to remove the photo metadata?


I do not think it is possible. Already for registering you need an account from FB, Google or OSM. If you create an account solely for logging in into KartaView, i think it’s kinda possible.

Photo metadata, you mean EXIF data? This is used and not removed AFAIK. License plates and faces (if any can be seen on a photo) are blurred during the processing step.

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