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Keep in mind that it’s a proprietary app, with premium features… All the opposite of what Fediverse clients should be if you ask me

Un modo potrebbe banalmente dire che non si tratta di dati immutabili tipo nome e cognome ma dati su comportamenti e abitudini, che quindi non sono persi una volta dati ma più si va avanti e più si continua a darne ed essere tracciati

This is what I meant, SearX is only a patch to a problem that won’t be solved using SearX. Brave Search is more private than Google and at least is working on a new independent index

Thank you for your kind answer!

Are there problems with Firefox view?

I didn’t understand what they meant with “collaborate on maps”. Something like OpenStreetMap? Or create your own map inside Nextcloud?

This is very important. Right now, FOSS software has an evident problem of accessibility and usability

Duckduckgo and Brave Search too have that option, in the license filter

Very cool release, I was wondering if those stats aren’t a privacy problem though? How does Peertube collect them?

Go with Brave Search, best option right now

Concordo con te. Ci vorrebbe un programma di educazione digitiale ben strutturato

Yes the engineers team updated with a long blog post on the development situation and explained that they “will also need to rewrite these apps to retire their technical debt”.

Hopefully the new Android version will be released this year but they never mentioned F-Droid

Blog: https://protonmail.com/blog/engineering-team-2021-update/

In public groups now you can even talk on behalf of a public channel, if you create it, and avoid sharing your number and account!

Impact and potential of open source on climate technology
Dig some first results and evaluations on the impact and potential of open source on climate technology: https://opensustain.tech/blog/impact_and_potential_of_open_source_on_climate_technology/

I hope that ‘cucumber’ is just a substitution XD

What the fuck is this?

When do you think AM7 will be released?
I hope it will be published this month or the next one

New reactions are incredible
The new UX and UI of Telegram reactions on desktop and mobile is so much better. What do you think? Do you use them? I also wanted to share this issue, upvote it please! Search messages by reaction: https://bugs.telegram.org/c/12765

Lumi Education
**Lumi** is a desktop app that allows you to create, edit, view and share interactive content with dozens of different content types. It's free and open source. # Easy to use You don't need any programming knowledge to create engaging interactive content with Lumi! # Quick preview Check your changes without saving by switching to the preview. # Runs standalone Lumi runs as a desktop program on your computer. No need for a LMS like Moodle or a CMS like WordPress. # Free and Open Source Lumi is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 and completely free. You can use content created with it in any way you like.

You can already find Protonmail on F-Droid

Io non ho mai usato Google Foto ma ho visto che ente.io è un’ottima alternativa

I hope that NewPipe will be able to fix the HLS thing soon :(

Hello, this is a sublemmy for Arctic Monkeys fans that wants to share their passion for music and monkeys in a privacy and ethics respectful way :)

Open Source Gardens - where openness is sown and freedom is grown
We like to create "Open Source Gardens" and thus introduce people to Open Source (philosophy/software/seeds) in a horticultural and creative way. In our gardens and in community gardens we plant so-called "Open Source Seeds" - seeds that are available to all people as public good (commons). We want to learn with and from each other and exchange ideas about gardening and open source. Through our exchanges we like to get to know each other further and grow together into a strong community. In the garden and online.