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Never seen any proof

I have to assume he’s referring to the WHO not getting access to the virus genome and additional information until weeks after China discovered it.

I don’t know. This UI code looks anything but simple to me. I wonder if it would work for anything but a toy project like the example.

I like that the community is smaller, and therefore almost by default a lot better.

I am of the opinion that the discord app is actually one of the better electron apps.

Maybe nginx has a stat for data transferred over websockets? Otherwise I guess active connection count makes most sense.

I presume that that is exactly why it’s hard to find maintainers. There’s plenty of web devs out in the world, but fairly few low level people.

I think I enjoy my content centralized. I tried Aether a while ago, and while it was interesting, it was a bit slow.

It might have improved though, that was years ago.

At some point I used Aeolus, which was taken from a song I liked, but it was never available, so changed a letter and it’s been like this ever since.

There’s a link to the translation system in the documentation somewhere.

Soon it will be over 9000!

You can, but that doesn’t mean it’s either easy or pleasant.

I would enjoy a mobile app though