I would like to keep some communities for South American countries and posts news, mainly, other content is welcomed but not so important and easy to find.

I’m pretty sick of the content hegemony of the US or Europe, where most of the time you’ll see Usonian bullshit or European fuckeries as “world news”, so I would like to at least proportionate some news from places you don’t hear too often.

I found this cool tool the other day called NewsNow which is a news aggregator service that shows you news based on country, time and some other stuff which makes it pretty easy to find some, maybe it’ll take about 10-15 minutes to find and post them on Lemmy. You don’t have to live in any South American country to help me, as long as you want to help.



Hi, im a venezuelan, and there is a new venezuela community, but its empty right now, im gonna fill it.

A loosely moderated place to ask open ended questions

If your post is

  1. Open ended
  2. Not offensive
  3. Not regarding lemmy support (c/lemmy_support)
  4. not ad nauseam inducing (please make sure its a question that would be new to most members)

it’s welcome here!

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