Is it bad that besides Marx, I only recognize Vaush on this lineup?

I’m pretty sure the first one is Doe (it/it’s pronouns), I follow it on twitter. So far I haven’t seen anything Vaush-esque from Doe, then again I follow a lot of people on twitter so maybe some shitty take slipped through the cracks but as of yet I am unaware. The only criticism I’ve seen of Doe is discourse surrounding it’s pronouns. I personally don’t have an issue with Doe’s pronouns but people have voiced their discomfort of it/it’s, and reactionaries actively dismiss Doe based on it’s way of dress and pronouns.

KiG V2

IIRC (been a long time) Doe is an anarchist who spends a lot of time talking about things anarchists find important to talk about, that is to say meandering things that are a waste of time to anyone but privileged hobbyists. But I’d say the same about 98% of anarchists and I might be misremembering.

The one on the bottom right is a law student, I don’t remember her name as I unsubscribed from her channel eons ago. She streams her content and, if I remember correctly, explains current issues from a law student point of view. I think she talked about or with Vaush before but I don’t remember if she was chummy with him or confrontational.

Edit: Riley Grace Roshong is her name


I don’t mind that they think that Voosh should die.

Most of the rest of these vloggers seem to have cringe outfits that might not be the best for messaging things to most normal people.

At best these people are people that make posters and stick them to walls, but in a modern context. At worst they are the ones that send pamplets out to confuse the message of the cause.

KiG V2

At worst, these people form the backbone of the Compatible Left and the “anti-tankie” craze that prevents us from de-brainwashing otherwise fairly progressive people and stirring them into effective action.

And yes, these people are absolutely alienating to normal people, they only appeal to young privileged Americans with terrible priorities and worldviews who call themselves “leftists.”

I know just 1, who the fuck are others💀


?, SocialismDoneLeft, Vaush
?, German Santa, ?
Destiny, Xanderhal, ?
Just breadtubers

So there’s at least 3-4 racist sex pests on here

The shitti3st ones


i don’t know most of these people lmao…

I recognise 2 of these people, Marx and Vaush

Who tf are any of these people? The only one I recognize is Vaush and I hate myself for knowing him at all

The one in the centre is Karl Marx

Arthur Besse

I am the walrus?

Liberals and grifters. Some may or may not be fascists. Aside from Our boy Karl ofc.

I mean, yeah I can tell they’re obviously streamer debate bros lol. Probably nobody I’ve even heard of

Vaush?!Get your “Tactical N word” using, Joe-Bidet-supporting, right-wing-debating,Soc-Dem, grooming ass tf out of here with that shit

Imagine the narcissism required to believe yourself more revolutionary than Marx.

August Willich lol, he even challenged Marx to literal pistol duel because he thought Marx was too conservative. Also had Engels serving him as aide.

If the other characters are in the same league as Vaush, then they’ve probably never read a lick of Marx.

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