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Mods: Ai: Not joining factions while at war B0 Total War Colored Buttons Instant War Nazi Germany Flag No Division Limit Player Led Pure Random Ai focus Vanilla Graphical Overhaul

Python Tutorials [How to print Hello World] [1]
print("Hello, World!") As easy that. No need for semi colon or anything! "print" is printing text that is in "" to the console. Congrats on your first lesson :D

Communal Learning: Week One Python
Hello guys! I know for sure I am better motivated with a team. This week on communal learning we will start with Python. If you know python, or want to learn it (like me) comment below your discords and we will work together on a project and learn. More people, more resources. Comment below suggestions for communal learning :D Discord: Cranberry Juice#9952

Community Suggestions [Mega-Thread]
Comment for all your suggestions and I will add to the list :D. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Add Mobile App - Cranberry Juice 8/24/19 STATUS: Rejected [] Accepted [] In consideration [] 2. Try to market to more people as a pro-free speech forum compared to Reddit's anti-free speech. - Cranberry Juice 8/24/19 STATUS: Rejected [] Accepted [] In consideration [] 3. Add an official discord. - Cranberry Juice 8/24/19 STATUS: Rejected [X] Accepted [] In consideration [] 4. Add a barrier/approval to new and upcoming communities that have to be accepted via admins. Help to prevent duplicates and so forth. - Cranberry Juice 8/24/19 STATUS: Rejected [] Accepted [] In consideration [] 5. Add more text/html options like bold, italic, etc. - Cranberry Juice 8/24/19 STATUS: Rejected [] Accepted [] In consideration [] 6. {your idea here}

Yeah I deckwiped their navy but I byaccidently sent my garrison forces to the invasion and well the invasion force went from 5 to 68. Was using instant war, non core to core, random ai, and ai not joining factions during war mods.

Free college textbooks
General public ebook/textbook resources http://gen.lib.rus.ec (Use a proxy if you are having issues connecting) http://textbooknova.com http://en.bookfi.org/ http://www.gutenberg.org http://ebookee.org http://www.manybooks.net http://www.giuciao.com http://www.feedurbrain.com http://oll.libertyfund.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=380 http://www.alleng.ru/ russian site http://www.eknigu.com/ russian site http://ishare.iask.sina.com.cn/ http://2020ok.com/ http://www.freebookspot.es/Default.aspx http://www.freeetextbooks.com/ need to signup http://onebigtorrent.org/ http://www.downeu.me/ebook/ http://forums.mvgroup.org (need to register) http://theaudiobookbay.com/ (audiobooks) Here's a custom search engine for ebooks: http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=000661023013169144559:a1-kkiboeco Sites it indexes: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/* http://ebookee.org/* http://ebooksbay.org/* http://free-books.us.to/* http://librarypirate.me/* http://textbooknova.com/* http://www.downeu.com/* http://ebookshare.net/* http://www.freebookspot.es/* http://www.demonoid.me/* http://www.kat.ph/* http://www.esnips.com/* www.4shared.com/* http://www.ebooklink.net/* http://wowebook.net/* http://www.pdfchm.net/* http://www.free-ebook-download.net/* http://ebookbrowse.com/* http://www.ebook3000.com/* http://www.ipmart-forum.com/* http://www.mediafire.com/* Academic Torrents (new site) http://academictorrents.com Public Trackers http://thepiratebay.se/browse/601 http://www.kat.ph/books/ http://bitsnoop.com/browse/other-ebooks/ http://www.filestube.com There are a lot more public torrent trackers, see here for more. These last few are sort of specialized eBook private trackers, google them for some info. http://thegeeks.bz http://theplace.bz http://thevault.bz http://bitseduce.com You can also try googling phrases like 'textbook/book title .torrent' or 'textbook/book title .pdf' or 'textbook/book title ebook' or anything along those lines if you are getting desperate, but beware of malware, viruses, etc. Private ebook trackers (Feel free to make a request for any of these in the Consolidated Invite Thread (see the no movement list in the OP) http://bibliotik.org http://bitme.org http://myanonamouse.net (see reddit offers for invite) http://bitspyder.net http://www.learnbits.me http://www.ebookvortex.com http://elbitz.net http://docspedia.org http://abtorrents.com (audiobooks)