@tomasz I initially read “How has the Cold War ended?” and I was just writing a very long answer explaining the pitfalls of communism and the whole process, but now I re-read your question.

Well, good question. I am always wondering.

I do not think the Cold War ended entirely. As the Cold War was a war fought for the minds and spirits of people, I believe that without a change of mindset, this war cannot be ended easily.

The '90s-2000s period was a great period of time, which showed that world collaboration can help us put an end to our problems. However, many people, especially politicians, are still locked into the mentality of confrontation that plagued our world until 1980’s-90’s. You might instantly think of Vladimir Putin and the Russian elite, who feel that somehow the West is invading them. However, in his autobiography, Lech Wałęsa was also telling how he, as the president of Poland, struggled to convince the West that it is in its best interest to turn its attention to the former Soviet block, and regard these states as partners, rather than a bunch of states that should be punished for being forcefully sided with their evil (the USSR).

I think that when enough important people will start seeing collaboration as a way to solve their problems rather than flexing their muscles, then the Cold War will truly make its way to the history books in it’s entirety.

No. After 1991 US never stopped with anticommunism, never resigned from their bandit sanctions on Cuba and DPRK, never stopped viewing Russia as enemy, never stopped propagating its imperialism.

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