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This is precisely what is making it so dangerous, i bet if you ask their shareholders, directors, lobbyists etc. “do you want WW3?” every single one of them woud tell you “no”, but they all tirelessly work for selling more weapons, they don’t feel responsible, corporation mechanism relieves them of it. This does work like the capitalism itself, on a systemic levels, not personal ones. That’s why you have climate efforts effectively sabotaged despite they also declaratively would live on clean planet and that’s why you have wars despite them being declaratively against it.

Ah yes the well known pacifist Lockheed Martin would never.

It’s not very fun read, with all the prowestern posturing. Well maybe except the “just wait, our next weapon will work” in about every paragraph describing previous weapons.

She seems to double down on warmongering every 2 weeks or so. I wonder how much time before she will ex officio call for nuking Russia.

There is still quite some of it, although chinese manufacturing is outnumbering those like 10 to one, i usually read those labes and i’m surprised every time when it’s not China. IKEA notably have a lot of european products though it’s less and less in time. Also some particular things are still locally produced, mostly those with either quick expiration date or troublesome in transport (furniture comes to mind for example).

I also only seen “Made in EU” label few times, mostly because EU is not a country, so there would be rather country on those labels, the EU ones had it in addition to country.

Deindustrialisation and shock therapy. Now that the USA empire ran out of colonies and former socialist states to loot, it’s EU on the chopping block.

Idk about western Europe but for example Poland absolutely obliterated our steel production and i remember talking few years ago with workshop owner who had few people employed and they made some small scale production of tools, ornaments and other steel elements - that it’s hard to get even a ton of steel, China buys a lot of production worldwide and the only place he can get supply is some dealer from Donbass.

I guess all that is gone now and even western Europe will feel the balcerowicz on their own hides now.

I guess that can be more relevant for some plants (or shrooms) than others.

“He only waged 8 wars, not nuclear war” is new “lesser evil” line for dems to defend.

how to feed cats non meat diets

That is honestly an idiocy, anyone doing that is hurting their cat for no other reason than ideological. If you don’t want a pet that eat meat, maybe don’t get a carnivore ffs.

They might even get their grandpa uniforms from the closets, pretty sure it would be popular among their dear allies.

Poland reportedly already tried to send tanks with polish crews. This seems to indicate UA is out of crews.

At least part of it will end up used in terror acts killing Poles like me or their big fan @tomasz when all the surviving banderites will disperse around the Europe and their old hatreds will surface.

Also 100% they are gonna blame Poland for not openly joining their war.

I think you just had critical history book malfunction. What was western allies back then now support nazis.

Most likely, though isn’t Japan in the birthrate demographic crisis for like 2 generations by now? Those things usually do settle down after single generation unless the situation is going even worse all that time.

It is, but not militarily. Russia don’t even need military help, it need political and economical.