I’m using LibreWolf (Which is basically firefox) for this setup., LibreWolf? It’s a community made privacy focused firefox fork. if you’re too lazy to setup firefox you can use this one. Useful links: Random Searx Redirect: https://searx.neocities.org/ LibreWolf: https://librewolf-community.gitlab.io/ Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl+T: New Tab Ctrl+L: focus address bar Ctrl+Shift+O: Bookmarks Library example keywords general search: s search video: sv search images: si

PS: I’m a peertube creator now! If you’re interested in future uploads you can follow me there.

Searx is a good search engine for privacy. but sometimes people can’t run their own searx instance. using randomly chosen instances can help with those who doesn’t have it. plus you don’t have to trust just one instance!

in this tutorial I’ll show you how you can search with random searx instances conveniently.

Thanks, been interested in searx for a while, tired of duckduckgo, clearly we need a decentralized answer to search


thanks for this!


This is actually very useful. Nice.


Oh very cool, thx for sharing this! (Nice music btw :D )


You’re welcome!

I think you should upload these to the privacytools.io peertube intance


As far as I understand one big advantage of Peertube is that there is no centralized silo structure. If you upload your video to Peertube instance A, then a user on Peertube instance B can also watch it (unless B has A blocked for some reason). Of course an instance can go down or get into trouble. The users of privacytools io instance could upload them to have extra copies ?

can’t they just follow diode.zone?


I didn’t make my account there, but feel free to download my video and repost it there if you like. I won’t be making another account anytime soon.

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