Turn your tablet into a PC monitor with Deskreen

Deskreen is an open-source app that lets you use a tablet or phone as a secondary display for your PC over Wi-Fi. Check it out!

Having a secondary screen has its benefits, but buying a second monitor may not always be a feasible solution. If you have a smart device lying around, say like an older tablet, you can now turn it into a secondary monitor for your PC using Deskreen. A free open-source app, Deskreen lets you use any device with a web browser as a second screen over Wi-Fi. Best of all, it offers support for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Right now it still does need a cheap Dummy Display Plug (to make it think that an external display is connected) but they are asking for coding assistance to try and eliminate the need for the plug.

See https://www.xda-developers.com/deskreen-app-secondary-screen-pc/

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Very neat!

I tried it out and its pretty cool. Latency is obviously a bit annoying but thats just how any over-the-internet display is anyways.

Does this work even if my laptop is broken? I mean, as long as the hdmi plug and screen work fine?


It depends on what is broken - it still needs the OS as it does not work direct to the screen on its own.


Apparently on X11 (Linux) you can also add a virtual screen without using a dummy plug.


If you have a good link please add it here.

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