Coming over from Reddit; this is my first step into the Fediverse. I’ve heard stories about how all the servers are connected, since it’s all the same protocol… but I have no idea how that works in practice.

Either way, I’d want to start using Lemmy more. I primarily Reddit using the Relay for Reddit app; if there was an app of a similar quality it would make switching a lot easier. Does one exist? How does all this work together? Sorry for the noob questions, haha.


The android app people are currently linking is closed source, and we’re not sure who made it.

There is a really slick one called lemmur being made, should be a few weeks till its done:

Any update on this? I can’t get this app to build so I’d appreciate an F-Droid release


You’ll have to ask the devs.

Oh I was just asking if you knew anything.


I am currently using Firefox with its function Add to Home screen, which makes pretty usable Firefox window with Lemmy. All in all, I am quite content with the current state of it. While waiting for Lemmur to be finished, it is a decent alternative, I’d say.


deleted by creator


Basically, ye. But hey, if it works well enough, why not use it.

This app is proprietary malware. Wait for Lemmur.


Is it confirmed to be malware malware or just malware as in proprietary and therefore unverifiable?


I don’t know if it is malware. I use it currently but the dev has never responded to my requests for source code.

I will look into Lemmur when it is released.

It is malware in the way that all proprietary software is malware. I am unsure exactly to what extent, since we can’t see the code.


That app doesn’t ask for any permission, it’s hard to be “malware” on Android this way.

You do indeed type your Lemmy credentials into it, do you not? What is it doing with that information?


Who cares? This is even a testing instance and I wouldn’t build reputation here anyway.

All of the data here will be moved to the main server once “testing” is done. This is for all intents and purposes the main instance of Lemmy and will be for the forseeable future.


Then I will revoke the access for the app and change the password. I don’t see what’s the problem with using a closed source client this way, on the other hand I can’t neither know what code this instance is running, who does assure it runs the open source Lemmy? You always need to trust someone.

Yeah there is an Android app. It lags behind the web version of Lemmy a bit though.

Support / questions about Lemmy.

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