How to avoid youtube?

There has been a lot of work done to create decentralized freedom-respecting services in recent years. (Lemmy is obviously one of these). That being said video hosting seems to be one of the hardest things to replace with a decentralized solution since video files are so large and therefore expensive to host. The only serious attempt at a decentralized youtube replacement I’ve heard of is LBRY, but I have a general skepticism about blockchain-based businesses, and the available technical information released by the company behind LBRY does not alleviate those concerns. I don’t really have any solutions to this issue, I currently just use youtube with sandboxing, but this is obviously not a great situation. Curious about everyone else’s thoughts.

Id say Peertube but only if you cut out all the political BS, both right AND left. It permeates the major instances from what I’ve seen, or at least all the big ones federate with those posters still.

Another note is to use the new HEVC / H.265 codec if you’re wanting smaller files that are very easily adopted by modern tech. I can cut gigabytes off of my files between an H264 and a 265 render at the same quality presets.

PeerTube is the way to the future, but we need more users posting things that aren’t right-wing conspiracy theories and Luke Smith.

2edit-21M runs and has done a good job at filtering far right content from his instance.

Registration wasn’t open when I looked at that one lol

I think you have to message nutomic directly to register. Probably as an anti-spam/vetting measure., you asked about good instances.


can you recommend channels?


Are there any instances you recommend?


tilvids is one of the best instances

I’ve been using, which seems to be okay mostly, but I haven’t looked around too much for better instances. You might ask the PeerTube community here.

You may already know this, but there’s a decentralized proxy service for watching youtube videos called invidious. Find a reliable instance from and enjoy a cleaner youtube experience without all the tracking stuff. It even works without javascript and doesn’t show frequent recaptcha pages while on tor.
Go to the preferences page and make sure the proxy video option is enabled. This will make sure you never connects to google for video streams. Note that enabling proxy may slow down your network, so choose a reliable instance.

Peertube is my recommended alternative for leaving youtube behind. Use for searching videos on peertube vidiverse.


Note that enabling proxy may slow down your network, so choose a reliable instance.

Probably due to the characteristics of my connection, I find going through proxies on yewtube and snopyta actually speeds up the entire experience. I also make sure to select a theme so it doesn’t have to detect my settings.

Didn’t know about sepiasearch, had tried peertube index but it’s still challenging to find specific topics. I tried for about a week to switch to peertube from invidious, but youtube backend is unfortunately still where its at. I fear invidious will get a circumventing TOS takedown like ytdl in the months to come, but that could be a silver lining for peertube. is a nice instance, you can find interesting videos there. Moreover there’s a new mastodon account dedicated to recommending good peertube videos,

I’ve found this which I think is a Twitch alternative. If you mean content creating and sharing then Peertube and LBRY at the moment but if you need for watching there are multiple ways to do that like invidious,yotter, mpv+tor etc.

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