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Definitely to the post comments, imo. Sometimes links contain enough ads/trackers/analytics that I don’t even open them and the discussion around it helps to get a good overview and also prevents link rot.

TLDR: Brave sends referral header for crypto websites, they introduced Tor browsing inside the browser but that header was still being sent inside a Tor session along with the file created in config that keeps track of it. He reported, was assigned a CVE and brave fixed it. …

It should be noted that if enough people used Google VPN, it can potentially create the world largest corporate Intranet,

Good point. They are doing this exactly for that and to collect data. They already control 90% of the smartphone market; nothing is stopping them from pushing this VPN preinstalled and the default in all Android devices(*). And by experience most people wouldn’t notice or care the difference between a Google VPN and a non-Google one. This will effectively kill the existing VPN ‘business’. All this while Google can get the data of what people searches under ‘cover’(ie. VPN) and in plain eyes and I’m sure companies are after that kind of data.

(*)Note that they added Wireguard to the Android 12 kernel tree.

The link in the title is a temporary repository by one of the original maintainers dstftw …

Oh oops realised people already said those! :)

You can still connect to wired or wifi with the command-line tool nmcli or netctl. If you can’t got to the repo download the packgage in .tar.zst format and do pacman -U /location/.

Yeah sorry, somehow it copied the default title of the archive link https://i.imgur.com/M848wEV.png

Let me know if the current one is better :)

If all connection is routed through tor use mpv <url> to watch provided you have ytdl installed from your distro or via pip.

Yeah but uBlock isn’t a hard requirement for any browser. Imo the tiny bits like this, the https redirect thing (https://lemmy.ml/post/41727) should be done by the browser itself, so I am happy FF is implementing that. While their goals are the same they differ in methods and aside from the whole controversy surrounding Brave I appreciate their work in fingerprinting/tracking protection, adblock etc.

Yeah I know it’s really hard for him after 15 long years. But I guess it needs to die as wayland comes in and matures. Some of the distros are adopting it quickly and in 2-3 years there won’t be many people using xorg.

Can you or someone translate? Is it talking about falling market share of Firefox?

I hope the recent fiasco about ytdl puts some good light on alternatives. GitHub is kind of hard to avoid.

The AUR package briar-gtk-git is broken and the pkgbuild needs updating.

Yeah that’s why I added a note. They have a github I searched for the code but couldn’t find one.

That fiasco was long ago Ubuntu lost and removed them. Now there’s the issue of them pushing snap everywhere which one part the community doesn’t agree with wholeheartedly. That said they do have relations with Microsoft which another part of hardcore FOSS people are vocal about etc. Another part is that being based on Debian they are a bit slow in pushing updates which some people don’t like.

The benefit of using Ubuntu imo is that most tech support articles on the internet are geared towards Ubuntu and AskUbuntu/Ubuntu forums is a fairly large community than most other.

I think it’s good as a stepping stone in Linux once you get some hold you’ll be more than willing to shift unless you’re in gaming where Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros is all the rage besides Manjaro which is understandable.

Personally I’ve been using Xubuntu and Lubuntu for the last three years because I don’t prefer either Gnome or KDE as a DE. I mainly use it because of the large repository borrowed from Debian, Ubuntu’s own, ppa etc.

I use texstudio (https://github.com/texstudio-org/texstudio) for my work. I’ve used lyx too but I guess I didn’t stick to it.

I’ve found this https://www.youphptube.com/ which I think is a Twitch alternative. If you mean content creating and sharing then Peertube and LBRY at the moment but if you need for watching there are multiple ways to do that like invidious,yotter, mpv+tor etc.

Yeah it is intrusive. If anyone wants these are the relevant user.js for Firefox:

user_pref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
user_pref("extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault", false);
user_pref("extensions.systemAddon.update.enabled", false); 

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