• krolden
    72 years ago

    yeah right there’s no way to convince the signal users I know to switch platforms yet again. I tried getting some to switch to xmpp which is much simpler than setting up a matrix account and they wouldn’t do it.

    • @lionelcr
      2 years ago

      I chose matrix over signal because of the centralization problem. That being said, I could convert some friends and family to use matrix but a lot of people went to (or already were on it) signal.

      After a few months I decided to install a signal bridge on my matrix server so I guess I’m having kind of best of both worlds, even though it’s not a perfect solution, it is one acomodating both sides.

      EDIT: it really bothered me to use my personal phone number as well so I use an other number I had laying around

      • krolden
        12 years ago

        Well the phone number requirement is one of the best parts of signal IMO. Makes it much easier to find your contacts that are also using signal. Plus there’s no account to create.

        I just use both and its been fine for me.

    • Bilb!
      22 years ago

      You’re basically competing with “Simply download the app (Signal) and use it.” That’s a tough thing to motivate anyone to do, and I can’t articulate in a convincing way to anyone I know why it’s better. In practical terms as far as they’re concerned, Matrix are XMPP are not any better and my preference that we didn’t use siloed centralized services is purely abstract to them.