I’m very new to the Warhammer 40K universe. I found a group that plays role games and I wanted to join that I felt I needed to learn the lore first.

I’ve been binge-watching lore videos on Youtube and BTH im hooked, I can see how similar it is to franchises that came after and were inspired by it, but at the same time is like nothing I’ve seen before. I actually love that there is not such a thing as a “good ending”.

I wanted to ask people who know more about this universe than me, what is the worst thing that has ever happened in the universe? The most tragic event? The most disturbing one? I really want to know and read about it.

I wanna read some books but seems like ebooks are not available on my country, on Kindle it seems like they were purged and on Kobo maybe I could by them with a VPN or something.

  • FaceDeer
    373 months ago

    I’d say it’s how the Imperium swallowed up and destroyed a number of civilizations that had separated from them that had been developing in much more progressive, prosperous ways. The Olamic Quietude and the Interex come to mind as examples. They showed that humanity didn’t have to go down the terrible path they’ve ended up on.

    Or, going farther back to look for a single “worst thing” that’s had the greatest awful knock-on effects, I’d say that’d be the Old Ones’ refusal to grant any aid to the Necrontyr when they asked for it. That one selfish act sparked off the War in Heaven, created the Chaos Gods, and everything that followed.

    If you can’t find the books available through legal channels in your country, you might want to consider looking for them on the high seas. !piracy is a good resource for that sort of thing.